Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

March 18, 2011 2:00pm
Dear Ping,

I'm an avid reader of the column and I love your comments every week. I have a question and want your opinion on a rather odd topic. Back in 2008 they combined the Pro ATV Invitational and the last round of AMA Motocross nationals at Steel City and it was a huge success for both parties in my opinion. I am a huge motocross/supercross fan and ATV fan and I also ride and own both. My question to you is why can’t quads and bikes get along better? Could a National series host both parties on the same weekend similar to what they did in 2008? The fact that many quad and bike enthusiasts buy many of the same parts, apparel, gear, and ride at the same parks, tracks, and racing events would make one think that they would stick together in the tough times we are in right now. In a struggling economy it doesn't surprise me that motocross and ATV racing is on the hurt, I was sad to see the ATV GNCC National attendance at the first round was down 30 percent along with the Nationals attendance down considerably. Most of the factory support is long gone now, along with television broadcasts and a lot of fans. I would hate the see motocross and supercross go down the same road. Maybe it would help out everyone involved. You may bite my head off for thinking of such a crazy thing but is it out of the question?



  • Another Jethro. Probably rode quads too.
Dear Jethro,

Really? You are sending me a letter about quads and your name is Jethro? Really? Okay, that one is too easy so I’m not even going to touch it even though there is an awesome joke in there somewhere that includes a trailer park, a rope belt, moonshine and you dating your sister. But I’m not going there. There has been a longstanding theory that I hate four-wheelers and anyone who rides them. I’d like to say, for the record, that that is not entirely true. I only hate quads and their passengers when they are on the same track as me at the same time. Quads and bikes are not safe together and they each like the track formed in completely different ways. Quads want the turns flat and smooth and bikes want berms and ruts. If you put them on the same track it’s no good for either party and it actually ruins the track for both. I think this is the main reason why bikes and quads can’t live in harmony at the same events despite having many similarities.



The subject of interviews after the race: Is there anyway to talk with someone at Speed and have the sponsors listed on the screen along side the rider being interviewed? That way we can maybe get an answer to a question instead of, “Yeah, the track was tough and I want to thank Blah, Blah, Blah.” I could read the sponsors he uses and listen to the interview all at once… and maybe even chew gum. Just a thought.

Curt Von Lossberg


Dear Curt,

That’s a great idea, though it might not even be necessary. With the strategic placement of logos on jerseys, hats, drink bottles and neck braces now it becomes an act of redundancy to reiterate which companies sponsor you while on the podium. The problem is that none of these teams are taking the time to put their riders through some type of media training. They are just kids, after all. Instead, we have a monkey see, monkey do situation going on and one rider just copies what the other riders are doing up on the podium and it ends up sounding the same. Maybe Feld could offer the media training class and explain that they are going to scroll their sponsors on the screen so the riders can focus on answering the questions given to them. Historically, most riders don’t seem capable of reciting a list of sponsors and answering the question posed to them properly. And lets not even throw chewing gum into that equation.

Thanks for the idea.


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