Kicker X1000.5 Amp

March 10, 2011 2:35pm
IX1000.5 Amp Delivers Full-Range, High-Efficiency Power in a Compact Footprint to Run a Complete Audio System

STILLWATER, USA – As the best-designed and best-sounding amplifiers KICKER® makes, KICKER IX-Series Amplifiers are guaranteed to deliver dependable, high-efficiency Class-D power to any mobile audio system. The ground-breaking design results in the smallest chassis ever developed by KICKER engineers. Despite having a heat sink of just under a foot long, the IX1000.5 5-Channel Amplifier with Sub Section provides plenty of power to a system’s subwoofer and high end.

Any of the five models of IX Amplifiers give the user a slew of features any music lover will certainly appreciate, such as a super-small footprint, lesser weight and a stackable design for more fuel efficiency and increased cargo space. IX Amps also utilize FIT™ (Fail-Safe Integration Technology) for significant noise reduction and compatibility with any factory radio, three choices of automatic turn-on modes (remote, DC offset, or signal sense) and the high power efficiency of Class-D technology, using little of a vehicle’s electrical system.

IX1000.5 Amp MSRP - $699.95