Dragon Racing Fuels / 1-866-KTM-PART Atlanta Race Report

February 28, 2011 2:40pm
Dragon Racing Fuels / 1-866-KTM-PART Atlanta Race Report
Presented by Fly Racing

Atlanta, Georgia – Team Dragon Racing Fuels / 1-866-KTM-PART headed into Atlanta with their rookie riders #690 Ricky Winters and #60 Killy Rusk along with veteran Lites rider #68 Michael Willard.

Michael Willard and Killy Rusk had solid qualifying times to put them into the night show with great gate picks. Michael Willard (13) and Killy Rusk (23).

When the gate dropped in Heat 1, Killy Rusk came around the first turn mid pack and it was going to be tough to fight his way forward. As he worked his way towards the front, Rusk had to find a way to get around Les Smith for the final transfer spot. With two laps to go, Killy made his move and put a text book block pass on Smith for 9th place and had to fight to hold the position for the final lap. When the checkered flag flew, Killy had the final transfer position and his first main event for the 2011 series.

In Heat 2, Michael Willard was taking his first gate of the 2011 season as he joined the team two weeks ago. When the gate dropped on the stacked heat race, Willard got a bad start and was in the back of the pack after the first turn. He managed to pick off a few riders but in the end Willard was going to have to go through the LCQ if he was going to make the Main.

When the LCQ lined up, Willard was going to have to find a way to finish in front of Blake Wharton or Matt Lemoine to get into the Main Event. When the gate dropped another bad start was going to seal his fate for the evening. Wharton jumped out front and Lemoine was not far behind. Willard could not manage to get towards the front for the 4 lap race and his night was over.

In the Main Event all the weight of the team was on the rookie, Killy Rusk. With an outside gate pick, Rusk was going to have to get a good jump if he was going to be in contention. When the gate dropped, Rusk had a good start but coming into the first turn, two riders went down in front of him and he had no place to go as he went over the bars. When he regained his composure, it was apparent something was wrong with his bike as he limped his way into the Mechanics Area. With a locked up front brake, his mechanic (Alex Pappas) managed to help him free it up and off he went. Now a lap down, Rusk decided to continue racing and managed to take some solid laps as the rookie worked his way around several riders to gain some lap experience.  Rusk finished 20th in his first Main Event.

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