MxResultz: Marketing in Numbers

February 22, 2011 10:00am
A Competitive Race Program...
That’s what it takes these days to be successful in any sport. For the last few years MxResultz has developed some tools that help riders gain control of their racing careers. With technology advancing every day it’s easy to take a rider’s everyday tasks and combine them into one simple program of success.

Marketing in Numbers:
To be known in a sport you must have a presence. This is what most riders lack, a way to contact all their supporters, friends, fans and most all sponsors. Mxresultz allows riders to keep a full online resume at their fingertips 24/7, along with the ability to add subscribers (anyone they want to keep in the loop of their racing/riding). Every time a rider posts a practice or race to their profile, an email is generated to every one of their subscribers letting them know of their accomplishments in real time.

Cash is King:
MxResultz has developed a module that allows any rider holding an MxResultz account to receive cash donations from anyone to help offset racing expenses. This can be used to help with every day racing expenses along with purchasing parts from your sponsors and so much more. To date, this module has raised over $10,000 for our riders. It’s just a click away!

The Guarantees Every Rider Wants:
Sponsorships are what it all comes down to. The ability to market yourself in a professional standpoint is what will set you apart from others. The tools MxResultz provides will not only supply you with a professional presence but will also back every sponsorship issued on our site to be the best on the net. Guaranteed!  Being rider owned and operated we are developing the tools to help any rider market like the pros.

Mxresultz strives to give our riders the tools they need to market themselves in a professional manner. The 2011 season is upon us and we’re moving forward with big changes and added features. There is never a charge to create and manage a professional profile. Get your profile started now to take advantage of what’s to come!