Super Spoiler: San Diego Supercross

February 20, 2011 1:15am | by:

San Diego turned out to be another great night of racing in a year that so far, is living up to the hype. Intermittent rain soaked the track, the slick conditions made for some wild moments, and yet again, nobody could have predicted what would happen once the gate dropped on another great night at the races.

Eli Tomac nabbed the holeshot, and proceeded to quickly pull out a huge lead on the rest of the field. Meanwhile, back in the first turn, Roczen was just getting up after a first turn crash. Hansen held down second for a while, but was clearly not able to ride to his potential due to his broken hand. Hansen’s backward slide started when Decotis passed him, and soon he fell victim to Rattray, Tickle, and Seely. Rattray, Tickle, and Seely would go by Decotis and slice through lappers, but their order would remain the same. When it was over, Tomac took the first supercross victory of his career. Ken Roczen would crash a total of two times, but was still able to charge back to seventh.

1. E. Tomac
2. T. Rattray
3. B. Tickle
4. C. Seely
5. J. Decotis
6. J. Hansen
7. K. Roczen
8. B. Evans
9. R. Morais
10. K. Cunningham
11. A. Balbi
12. M. Davalos
13. R. Smith
14. T. Weeck
15. N. Paluzzi
16. C. Hinson
17. S. Champion
18. T. Bright
19. D. Tedder
20. K. Beaton

Like Houston, this one turned out to be another wild 450 main. Chad Reed took the holeshot, but immediately fell under pressure from Trey Canard. The two battled for a few laps before Canard took over the lead and started to open up a lead. Then, Canard crashed all by himself, allowing Reed and Stewart to get past. Canard actually started to close on Stewart, then Dungey started closing on both of them. But before a battle for the ages broke out, Stewart stalled and Canard and Dungey went by him. Several laps later, Canard went down again and Dungey took over second. Reed would eventually take his first supercross win in over a year, followed by Dungey and Stewart. Ryan Villopoto was in first turn crash and remounted miles back from the pack, without a rear fender or front number plate. A good ride from RV to battle back to seventh.

1. C. Reed
2. R. Dungey
3. J. Stewart
4. T. Canard
5. D. Millsaps
6. A. Short
7. R. Villopoto
8. B. Metcalfe
9. M. Alessi
10. J. Brayton
11. N. Wey
12. K. Regal
13. F. Izoird
14. C. Blose
15. I. Tedesco
16. M. Byrne
17. M. Lesage
18. A. Stroupe
19. W. Peick
20. K. Windham