Heat Race Report: San Diego

February 20, 2011 12:00am | by:

When the rain came in as practice got underway, it looked like things were going to get sloppy in San Diego. Several minutes later, it stopped just as suddenly as it started, and after the track crew cleaned up the track, it looked as though we might have a relatively clean track. Then, right after opening ceremonies, the skies opened up again, ensuring a muddy track for the heats.

Lites Heat 1
Paluzzi nabbed the holeshot on this one, but Kyle Cunningham wasted no time in taking over the lead. It didn’t last long though, as he slid out on the straightaway and handed the lead back to Paluzzi. Decotis and Paluzzi then proceeded to put on a great battle for several laps. Decotis looked like he had a little speed on Paluzzi, but didn’t have anywhere to pass. On the last lap, Decotis started pushing the issue and the two started banging bars and swapping spots. They got so caught up battling one another, they allowed Broc Tickle to sneak by and take the win.

Lites Heat Two
Right from the start it was the Ken Roczen show in this heat. Tomac was in second, and closed a bit on The Roc Show (new nickname?), but he was never within striking distance. Hansen held down third for a while, but when Seely caught and passed him, he didn’t put up a fight. Hansen was definitely favoring his broken hand in this race, and it was hanging by his side as he crossed the finish line. Roczen, Tomac, Seely and Hansen, top four in this one. Davalos was in this heat, but a crash in the whoops sent him to the LCQ.

Supercross Heat One
The stuff really hit the fan in this one. The rain started to really come down, there was some thunder and lighting, and a beach ball even found it’s way onto the live track. As far the racing action went, RV holeshot and never looked back. After crashing on the start, Chris Blose was looking down the barrel of the LCQ, but he put his head down and fought his way back into qualifying position. Tommy Hahn also crashed out of this one, and didn’t come back for the LCQ.

Supercross Heat Two
After a James Stewart holeshot, this one was pretty uneventful, unless your name is Kevin Windham. Windham bailed hard over the double right before the whoops, and was holding his right wrist when he got up. After a few minutes, he took a ride out on the Asterisk Medical Mule. Mike Alessi started in second, but by the end of the race had fallen back to seventh. Stewart took the win, followed by Brayton, Regal, Dungey, Short, Metcalfe, Alessi, Wey, and Peick.

Lites LCQ
Davalos holeshot this one and led from start to finish. Travis Bright held down second, but was under pressure from Jake Canada. It looked like there would be a duel to the death on the final lap but Canada hit a Tuff Block exiting a corner and that was the end of his night.

Supercross LCQ
After crashing hard in his heat race and getting a ride on the Asterisk Medical Mule, Kevin Windham came right back out and holeshot the LCQ. He led every single lap of the race unchallenged, while Michael Byrne took second.

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