Morning Report: San Diego Supercross

Morning Report: San Diego Supercross

February 19, 2011 4:15pm

The Supercross community has converged on Qualcomm Stadium here in San Diego, California, and with a 70% chance of precipitation this evening, everyone is bracing for the rain.

Local time is 1:00 pm, and so far, the weather has been holding out pretty well, although a few light sprinkles have already passed through. In light of the expected rain, the race day schedule has been changed, and free practice has been eliminated. Race directors have also opted to group the B and C practice groups together in order to help preserve the track for the evening program. For a look at the revised schedule, go here.

The track is still covered here in San Diego.
Photo: Aaron Hansel

Some of the privateers plan on racing their practice bikes, and the Dunlop Tire guys have stacks and stacks of wheels waiting for mud tires to be installed on them. The Dunlop guys say they plan on running MX51’s on the front and rear, unless it gets extremely sloppy. In that case, they will be installing MX31’s on the rear.

The rain was pounding San Diego yesterday, and if it comes down tonight as hard as it was yesterday, survival is definitely going to be the order of the night. Hopefully Feld has equipped the track crew with scuba gear!

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