One Industries Thursday Rev Up: San Diego

One Industries Thursday Rev Up San Diego

February 17, 2011 12:30pm
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. We’ve enjoyed some stellar racing action throughout the infant moments of the 2011 supercross season. But, holy rusted metal, batman, the barnburner finally hit us last weekend. That’s kind of how our sport works; just when you begin to ponder the mundane, a resounding right hook catches you in the temple. What a spectacle we saw last Saturday night. Might have been a tad heavy on the carnage and violence side, which is disconcerting, but as I’ve said, this is American Supercross. No room for weakness. Only the hard and the strong, doctor.

And now things have gotten nasty, and that’s the way I/we like it.

No more words before some due accolade to the “Ice” Trey. I knew Canard would get one after watching him work out last year as he moonlighted on Millsap’s vacant works Honda. He was right there last year and after a strong start to the 2011 season, Canard joined the history book as a winner in the premier series of our sport.

Trey Canard
Canard joined an elite group of riders in Houston.
Photo: Simon Cudby

On a personal note, I watched “#241” ride 65cc and 85cc machines on my local Oklahoma and Texas tracks. As I’ve grown older I realize one of the coolest things we can experience is seeing a grom go from the bottom of the ladder to the top of Mt. Everest. It’s the coolest thing ever, and it was both arms up for this cat when I saw him hold off Ryan Dungey.

That said, my elation came with an after taste of melancholy as my man Kevin Windham was riding off with what should have been the biggest win we’ve seen in years, but he carted huge. Kevin knows better than any of us that you cannot ask or expect any forgiveness from the sport of motocross. She can reach up and grab you by the short and curlies anytime she wants. And damn, that one spooked me.

Shake it off, hoss. You’ll win another one before the curtain falls.

Stewart also stacked it up, then short circuited like he does sometimes, and earned his first mulligan of 2011. This scenario has haunted the “Jedi” throughout his career. Just when he appears infallible, he shows he really is just a man. Worse news for Bubba is that San Diego has been bittersweet to him. That said, look for the baddest motocross rider in the universe to storm back and kick a damn mud hole in everyone.

What happened to Reed? Nothing there, yet. (crickets)

So, the stage is set for us to behold in San Diego. It’s the last West Coast race until like 2020, and those cats have a score to settle. Series point leader Josh Hansen, is beaten up and feeling the gnarly stuff. Meanwhile, the wolves are snarling in the distance. He’s tough, though. A spring chicken or stranger to pain he is not.

Hansen is still the leader of the pack out west.
Photo: Simon Cudby

So we’re going to take the madness back to California for the last time in 2011. San Diego, the land of infallible meteorologists and quite possibly the most ideal environment in the world, will host the next stage of the fight. And by that right, I want all of you to get it up in here! This deal is just getting warmed up! There has already been three early champions and we’re going to see at least three more before the roost stops flying. Dungey is going to get a couple, Reed has another one left in him, and mark my words there will be another first timer before this one is over.

On another personal (and side) note, it’s time for my family to do work in Daytona. There isn’t a better driver in the world at Daytona than my brother, Clint Bowyer.

The Gatorade Duels begin tomorrow.

Clint is in the second one and he’ll take it to the front. Then the #33 Cheerios/RCR Chevrolet Monte Carlo machine will head into the Daytona 500 ready to beat all of them.

All theatrics aside, this one scares me, so prayers and well wishes are more than welcome.

So, what more do you want? Everything is setting up to be better than it ever has been. This will be a weekend to remember.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.

Andy's brother, Clint, gets his NASCAR season underway this weekend at Daytona.