Houston Supercross Super Spoiler

February 12, 2011 11:10pm | by:

It was a wild and crazy night in Houston, the type of race that defines the “anything can happen” mantra we hear every weekend.

Everything and anything did happen tonight. In Lites, Justin Barcia and Dean Wilson waged a crazy battle for the win, back and forth for several laps until Barcia finally locked it down. Wilson took second, while Blake Wharton and Ryan Sipes were battling for third when Sipes ran into Wharton and took them both down. With a horrible start but a great charge, Blake Baggett made it all the way back to third.

That was just the beginning. In the SX class, there was a massive first turn crash that claimed James Stewart, Chad Reed and Justin Brayton, among others, and also caused Ryan Villopoto to go off the course and lose a ton of ground. Meanwhile Kevin Windham grabbed the holeshot and took off, pulling away from Trey Canard. Near lap 10, Windham looked to be headed to an ultra-popular victory. But disaster struck when he swapped sideways in a rhythm lane and crashed hard. Windham got up and walked away, but his night and bid for the win, was over.

Canard inherited the lead and Ryan Dungey tracked him down. Canard made a mistake and Dungey got the lead, but Canard came right back, passed Dungey back, and pulled a small gap. On the last lap, Dungey put in one last charge and got to Canard’s rear wheel. They drag raced to the finish, and Canard held Dungey off in one of the closest races you’ll ever see. Villopoto clawed up to third to take the series’ lead back.

Stewart crashed again landing on Jason Thomas coming through the pack, he finished 15th.

Look for a full race report and photos later tonight.

Lites Results

1. J Barcia
2. D. Wilson
3. B. Baggett
4. R. Sipes
5. I. Trettel
6. B. Wharton
7. J. Anderson
8. L. Vincent
9. M. Lemoine
10. A. Martin
11. C. Gosselaar
12. S. Rife
13. G. Audette
14. M. Stewart
15. N. Izzi
16. A. Catanzaro
17. T. Futrell
18. P. Larsen
19. L. Lilbarger
20. D. Durham

SX Class Results
1. T. Canard
2. R. Dungey
3. R. Villopoto
4. D. Millsaps
5. A. Short
6. C. Reed
7. K. Roczen
8. B. Metcalfe
9. I. Tedesco
10. M. Alessi
11. T. Hahn
12. N. Wey
13. J. Brayton
14. W. Peick
15. J. Stewart
16. K. Regal
17. V. Friese
18. C. Blose
19. K. Windham
20. J. Thomas