Anaheim 2 Morning Report

February 5, 2011 4:05pm | by:

undefinedIt's the pink race here at Anaheim 2, and seriously so many teams and riders are into the deal this year that it's hard to even keep track of it all. Maybe it's easier to say who isn't dressed in some sort of pink gear: no one.

The pinkest of the pink may be James Stewart, his pink on black seemed to pop the brightest. Maybe because of his experience in pink from years gone by?

But seriously there's pink gear and graphics everywhere. Go back to the main page and check out DC's photo report with all the pink stuff. Everywhere.

On the injury front, Tyla Rattray jacked his back during a TV shoot on Press Day Thursday and won't be able to race tonight. Tommy Hahn is out with a sore shoulder, he tried to ride Thursday but he's just not ready and will try again in Houston. Daniel Blair went down in un-timed practice earlier today and appears to have a broken femur. Bummer.

Now here's Aaron Hansel with a track report:

If you watched the animated track map (see it HERE) of A2 here on Racer X Online, you were no doubt left hoping that the real life version would be just as insane. Well, it is. The track features a long straight stretch, deep whoops, two sand sections, and more rhythm sections than a Kenny Wayne Shepherd album.

The first line in the first rhythm section that jumps out at you is a triple-triple-triple, single, although a lot of the guys will probably be trying some doubles or quads. If you ride like I do, you’ll single through it 10 times. The first set of rhythms leads directly into another, and depending if you are on a 250 or a 450, it’s a series of doubles or triples, with a table thrown in near the end. If you ride like I do, you’ll single through it 12 times. If all that rhythm weren’t enough, a 180 degree turn leads right into another rhythm section that ends with a triple jump. If you ride like I do, well, nevermind.

As previously mentioned, the track features two sand sections. The first is right after the landing of a triple, and the other is between two back-to-back bowl turns. Having a sand section coming into a raised, dirt bowl turn could make for some interesting lines as the ruts develop. There are a few other obstacles, such as a miniature dragon’s back, and a steep wall jump right before the over-under, that will help slow the racers down a little, and ensure that lap times will be higher than the 45-second times we saw last week in Oakland.

Good stuff, Aaron. As the track developed, on the first rhythm section after the start, James Stewart quaded the last four jumps, we didn't catch anyone else jumping that. And the second sand section, in an ess-turn, looks to be developing into a one-lined affair with everyone hugging a rut on the inside, and few going to the big berm around it. We'll see if any changes are made to open the outside option up a bit.

The over-under bridge is back as well. After jumping it, riders just keep rotating through four right hand turns and back onto the start straight.

So far we've only had un-timed practices. Timed sessions are coming up next.

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