The LCQs and the weather

January 30, 2011 12:00am | by:

In the Lites LCQ, Aussie Ryan Marmont grabbed the holie and checked the heck out. Scott Champion was running second and Daniel Blair and Tyler Bright were all over him for second. On the last lap, Blair and Bright clicked it into about 8th gear, RC trying to pass Chad Reed at San Diego in 2005 style, and they both went down together in a heap. Hey, you gotta try on the last lap of the LCQ!

Marmont and Champion transfer.

In the SX LCQ, Dodge Motorsports/H&H's Chris Blose grabbed the start and took off. Then a 350-class battle broke out between Dan Reardon, Mike Alessi and Tye Simmonds. Reardon got Alessi for second, then Simmonds passed Alessi and dug super deep on the last lap. The young Aussie dove inside the old(er) Aussie in the last turn, but Reardon held on for the final transfer spot. Good battle between the J-Star JDR boys.

The biggest back and forth battle tonight has been from the weather Gods. It rains, it stops, it rains harder, it stops. Will it be a mudder? We're minutes from the main and it's still hard to tell!