Your Collection: Carlsbad 1980 Program

January 23, 2011 2:45pm

DC himself contributed this week's entry for Your Collection, as his collection is a fairly amazing amount of cool motocross memorabilia!


  • Original program.
    • Remake of program.
        • Remake of racing bib (front).
          • Remake of racing bib (back).

Check out the two programs pictured here. They are from the 1980 Carlsbad 500cc U.S. Grand Prix of Motocross. They look identical, but there is one major difference: One is the original book from that epic race; the other is a copy!  The real book, featuring American hero "Bad" Brad Lackey, who was a favorite to become the first American to win the race. But instead it was LOP Yamaha-backed privateer Marty Moates who made history that day, sweeping both motos in one of the biggest upsets in motocross history.

Fast forward 30 years and the release of the new documentary film "One Day of Magic," produced by Todd Huffman of the Motocross Files and featuring the late, great Marty Moates' big day in the sun. (  The film premiered last fall, and it's been getting rave reviews, as it mixes lots of personal recollections of

Moates and that big afternoon with actual race footage from ABC's Wide World of Sports, where the race aired.
In order to promote the film, Huffman and his team decided to reprint the entire 1980 race program, including all of the advertisements, and hand them out at the event. They also had remakes of the #23 bib that Moates wore to help raise funds for the film.

DC wasn't there at the race some 30 years ago, but he has the original program from that afternoon, and now he has the reprint too!

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