Vention: Real Time Graphics

January 8, 2011 2:25pm
Temecula, CA -  Are you frustrated with trying to order custom graphics online? Are you bummed out that when you give your credit card info and you really have no idea what your graphics are going to look like? Even worse the backgrounds design doesn’t match the rest of the kit because it’s sold separately? Does it take a month to get your custom order? Are you tired of the hassle?

Welcome to Vention, the next generation of custom graphics! Vention has created a revolutionary new way to get custom digitally printed graphics. The easy to use “Live Design Studio” allows hundreds of customizable features and provides real time previews of all changes to colors, sponsors, templates, backgrounds and more! Because you receive an instant proof there is no more guessing what your kit will look like and you never pay extra for a proof.

The Vention "Beta Web Application" Release 1.0 featuring the “Live Design Studio” is now available online at The Vention kiosk system is set to release worldwide at local dealers allowing customers everywhere to access the power of Vention. Custom design your own kit today, orders ship within 72 hours. You will never look at custom graphics the same way again.

“As a rider and someone who bought several sets of graphics per year I was frustrated by the process the market currently offered for ordering custom graphics. Vention strived to methodically beat the competition in every category and I am “SUPER PUMPED” to release a test version for the public to try out” Aaron Cooke, Vention, Co Founder.

About Vention:
Vention is a creative group based out of Southern California that manufacture the thickest high quality bike graphic and accessory decal products for customers worldwide. Design influences come from top athletes and artists through collaboration projects. Our mission is to be the #1 in store graphic brand on the market through strong retail partnerships worldwide.

Dealer inquiries can contact Brian Bott at Vention Inc., 800.581.1868 xt 101.
For general questions or concerns contact or 800.581.1868 xt. 108