Xmas Countdown: Day 7+2

Xmas Countdown: Day 7+2

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Welcome to Xmas Countdown: Day 7+2

Dr D 2011 KTM SXF 350cc Exhaust System:

It’s hard not to believe Doug Dubach when he tells you he has a good exhaust system built. The guy has spent his whole life on a bike and he still goes faster than 99% of the riding population of the world. He knows exactly what he’s looking for when he goes out and tests with each bike and he finds a way to improve upon each production system. He might be a little guy but he is hugely talented when it comes to testing and development.

Dr. D Exhaust



  • Removable end cap allows for the option of a spark arrestor screen or quiet core
  • Power increase throughout powerband (bottom, mid, top)
  • Inlet cap bolts allow for easy re-pack
  • 25% weight savings over stock  system
  • Meets FIM 2 meter sound requirements
  • Lightweight Magnesium end cap


Stainless / Aluminum 7228
$ 649.99

Stainless / Carbon Fiber 7229
$ 799.95

Titanium / Titanium 7230
$ 919.95

Titanium / Carbon Fiber 7231
$ 969.51


The DR.D KTM 350SXF system for $649.99 and can be purchased on-line dubachracing.com or by visiting stocking DRD dealerships nationwide.

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