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December 10, 2010 9:35am | by:

Dear Ping,

I see you finally joined twitter (@pingaling101). From your resent tweets, I think every rider is going to want to kick your ass. First in line is Reed for calling his wife "baby" then Stroupe for spilling it about rehab.

Steven Davis

Dear Steven,

This is exactly what is gay about the Internet and it’s many facets of virtual communication. Some jagoff makes an account with my name attached to it and starts dropping bombs on people like the Enola Gay and everyone just assumes it’s really me. If you got a Tweet from @pingaling101 and it was completely inappropriate, please know that it wasn’t me. I actually did start a Twitter account this week and it’s @davidpingree. If you get an inappropriate tweet from that account, well then, you obviously pissed me off recently and you might want to think about an apology.



My Twitter image. Thanks, Mr. O'Hannah.


Let's cut right to the chase shall we. Why do four strokes sound like s#!t? Please elaborate.

Still smoking in CT.

Dear Smoker,

Ear plugs... get it? (sigh)
Sorry, picture well ran dry on this one

I actually got to attend a Yamaha two-stroke introduction this week; maybe it should havebeen called a reintroduction? Either way, your timing couldn’t be better. You don’t realize just how much fun those bikes are, and how cool they sound, until you get on a track and wind one up again. There is nothing about the sound of a four-stroke that sounds awesome. They are loud, obnoxious, and frankly they sound kind of belligerent. I mean, how do you make a four-stroke sound when you are bench racing with your bros?

"Bro, I hit that section, like, Guuwuuunananana, wunanaa, wunananananana! It was sick!"

Braaping your way through a rhythm lane as you simulate the bikes motion with your hand is just so much better. And it isn’t just that. I literally cannot stand next to a track full of four-strokes without earplugs or available fingers to jam in my ear canals. They are deafening! I guess the upside is that once my hearing goes completely from the damage caused by the loud bikes I won’t have to hear the awful sound of them anymore. That’s a silver lining, bro.

P.S. I’m not sure why I’m saying "bro" so much. It just kind of happened.


Hey Ping,

I was thinking of all this hoopla of JT racing that people are on board with and I feel left out cause I started being a fan in 1997, but I like when today’s racers have the same number and bike as the racers of those time, like Blake Bagget's PC bike with #57 reminds me of you in '97, even Broc Tickle's PC bike with the 20 reminds me of Casey Johnson in '98, I'm still waiting for RC's #70 to pop out some day on a PC bike instead of a KTM like this year.

P.S. I'm sick of people remembering you for that crash in Phoenix in '02, I bet you want them to remember you for your last win in Anaheim II of that same year, and I do!!! But not for the win, instead is the celebration afterwards that I get a huge laugh cause Bubba came from last to second and everybody were applauding him and you were soaking every applause with all the joy, not realizing he was right behind you. That's hilarious if you ask me, I know you got a pretty good sense of humor, but I don't know if you find that funny.

Luis Javier Bravo Pagan


Later this same day I got number 4

Dear Luis blah blahbidy blah blah,

Are you serious with that ridiculous name? It sounds like roll call for the Spanish Armada. Pick a name and stick with it, bro [Wow, more bro]. You missed a really cool era if you don’t get the nostalgia of JT Racing. JT was the coolest brand of gear by so far it wasn’t even funny. It’s like having one guy dressed in a $1,000 business suit and everyone else dressing up like hobos, complete with a handkerchief on a stick and nine layers of filthy sweaters.

You think that during that race in Anaheim that I didn’t know James was behind me? I watched him slide out in turn one and I knew it was on from there. I started fifth and got into the lead with about six laps to go. From there I kept a close eye on James' progress. Riders can look ahead, across or behind them on a track and see exactly where other guys are. I was in a comfortable pace and realized with about two to go that if I didn’t step it up he was going to catch me. So, I started pinning it and maintained my lead for the last two laps. I know people were cheering because he was coming through the pack; it was an impressive ride for sure. I was smiling and "soaking the applause with all the joy" because I just won a main event. I couldn’t care less about the applause… I was taking a big ass check to the bank on Monday and adding another win to my name. That’s what the smile was all about LJBP. Now head down to your local government building and see about getting that name whittled down to a reasonable number of syllables, bro.


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