Xmas Countdown: Day 26+2

November 27, 2010 7:13pm

Welcome to day 26+2 of our 30+2 Days of Christmas.

Let's just be all honest with each other here... Flat tires suck. One very common reason for flats in motocross is under inflation of tires. A common reason for under inflation is that people are just too lazy to check their tire pressure before they ride. We can't fix laziness but what we can do is suggest an incredible product that will help make sure you are getting the best traction possible and minimizing your chance for flat tires.

Motion Pro Professional Tire Pressure Gauges

  • Pressure range of 0-60 psi is ideal for checking sport bike tires
  • High quality liquid filled 2.5 in. dial gauge with protective rubber boot
  • Accurate to plus/minus 1.5 percent of maximum gauge reading
  • Blue anodized 6061 T-6 body with pressure relief valve
  • High pressure hose with dual swivels and brass ball type air chuck