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Xmas Countdown: Day 28+2

Welcome to day 28+2 of our 30+2 Days of Christmas.

This day we bring you the Acerbis Cosmo Roost Deflector. Lets face it, you're not the fastest guy at the track, and that leads to a fair amount of roost, right? With the Acerbis Cosmo Roost Deflector you can definitely save your chest from whatever comes off the wheel of the 450 in front of you. And you know what, even if you are the fastest guy at the track, lappers still tend to roost you for a few corners before your incredible speed gets the better of you. Enjoy!


The Cosmo is the newest roost deflector model designed to accommodate a neck brace, as the front harness features a removable cover and the rear is formed to accommodate the brace. The Cosmo features an ergonomic design that follows the natural shape of a rider’s back, and features a removable bottom plate to accommodate riders with shorter torsos.

Technical Features:

- Designed to work with neck brace (the front harness features a removable cover, the rear is formed to accommodate the brace above the protector)
- Ergonomic design contours to the natural shape of the back
- Features adjustable elastic bands and two lower velcro bands
- Preformed PE foam padding
- Front protection extends across chest (14021 approved)
- Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
- Back padding consists of two parts which are removable and washable
- D30 protection integrated for spine protection. D30 material hardens instantly upon impact for exceptional shock absorption
- Lower back panel is removable to accommodate riders with shorter torsos
- Protective arm plastics and PU foam are removable
- EN1621-2/03 approved
- Weight: 1300 grams

Available to purchase from Western Power Sports and Parts Canada

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