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November 12, 2010 8:00am | by:

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Hey Ping,

I'm just gonna cut to the quick here: What happened to Tyler Evans? I mean, I know that even in the prime of his racing career he was still a hot-headed manscaping tool, but I don't think anybody could have predicted this. Come to think of it, I don't even think Tyler could have predicted it himself. Five years ago, if he saw the shameless video he posted up of himself for the whole world to see [Ed. note: the video has been removed from YouTube], he probably would have "one-punched" himself. Do you know what happened?


Dear Trent,

Come on, man, we all should have seen this coming. Do you not remember Tyler ripping his shirt off on the stadium floor like Jimmy "Super Fly" Snooka? What about his post-race dramatics where he would work the crowd into a frenzy before tossing all his gear away (doing all of this shirtless, of course)? And then there was his stint as a body guard for jailbird rap star, The Game… what was that about? Evans' career path has taken more unexpected swerves than Charlie Sheen’s Mercedes leaving his local watering hole. I can accept that this is where Tyler is right now. I’m confused when he says that this is "Our" dream during his shameless tirade. But I am absolutely floored that he said he used to ride for all the manufacturers including "Kalasaki." Kalasaki? Are you kidding me? Maybe he just made this one night while he was at home alone and drinking. Heavily.


Sup Dough boy,

I am a message board junkie and see you also visit some. What is your take on NX message forums? I see you have gotten into many spit spats with likes of Mohhammed and the rest of the euro posters who don’t really like you.

Dirt_ Dawg

Dear Dirt_Dawg,

I think message boards can be cool, but many times idiots who can’t help but share their misinformed opinions poison them. It’s a lot like swimming in a public pool; everyone is laughing and having a great time until some dummy poops in the deep end and ruins it for everyone. I try to avoid the argument messages. I mean, really? Are we really going to take the time to argue with one-another online? If I want to fight with someone I’ll go tell my wife she looks fat in her favorite designer jeans. She doesn’t, but that’s WW3 talk right there. The kooks that have a problem with me are typically American-hating foreigners, like your brother Mohammed. He actually told me he was going to send his Taliban buddies to come blow up my house! Good times. Gandhi said that we should try to be the change we want to see in the world. I guess Mohammed wants to get his Jihad on. I’m going to try and keep my posts informative, civil, and occasionally unreasonably sarcastic.



I know everyone loves causing drama or a "stir" between Chad Reed and James Stewart, but I just feel there should not be because in my opinion NOBODY can touch James Stewart when he is healthy. I Just don’t think its necessary to cause the extra drama as this sport is not a "TV Drama" or anything of that nature. Do you feel that the sport just does it to create more attention or is there really hatred between the two?

Dear ?,

James and Chad might not like each other right now but it’s just because they are both competitive. You know what is going to be awesome about the 2011 season? It isn’t going to be the Stewart and Reed show anymore. Jeremy McGrath nailed it in the video he shot with Simon Cudby earlier this week when he said that those guys are going to have their hands full. If I had to bet money on a rider this year I’d put it on Ryan Dungey all day long. Stewart and Reed will win races, but so will Villopoto and Canard. For the first time in a long time there are more than two horses in the race and I can’t wait. You don’t think anyone can touch James when he’s healthy? Shoot me another email in the spring.



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