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You’ve been a staple of the SoCal moto scene for years. You most likely have met/know members of the Metal Mullisha, Brian Deegan in particular. I was curious, as a lot of readers may be, of why he always is portrayed in print and advertising with the strained clenched teeth look? My take is that he is photographed whilst on the "throne" trying to drop a deuce that is reluctant to submerge. Or, my other thought was he is actually pained with the products that he signed on to endorse. This being said because I do not think I have seen any other Mullisha members striking such a pained expression in there print/advertisements. Any insight here?

Mike DeBlanco

Warwick, NY

Dear Mike,

That is the benchmark look for Brian lately, isn’t it? I’m tempted to send him a bottle of stool softeners. He and I don’t have a very friendly past. I think we realized we weren’t going to be buddies starting at Ponca City way back in 1992. We were both riding the 125 and 250 intermediate classes and I think I had a run-in with him or one of his friends. And things never got better. Deegan represented the "dark side" and I was the clean-cut kid wearing polo shirts and living a pretty normal life. And that was the way it was through our whole pro racing career. Once I quit racing I tried to bury the hatchet with Brian. He had made a lot of changes in his life and he seemed like a different person than the angry punk kid running around with his middle fingers in the air. I apologized for all the crap that happened in the past and told him that I hoped we could squash it and move on. Then, a few months ago, we got into it again over one of his ad campaigns and we were right back at each other’s throats. I think Deegan is a good guy. He’s in a difficult spot because I don’t think the guy that he is now meshes with the image he’s created for himself. Sometimes he has to play the part of gang leader/miscreant and it gets under some people's skin… mine included. Just know that under that flat-billed hat and black tee shirt is a genuinely nice guy.



To start off, the last "ask ping" article was amazing; smiles all the way through, I love it! I just wanted to say my piece about the 'Mowologist' fellow. Bullshit! I was so angry reading that letter because I work at 40k/yr job and I’m struggling to race maybe 6 times a year. This kid or Internet athlete must be just typing this to anger or just take a stab at you. Unless he’s cutting the grass of top Hollywood actors using their equipment, fuel, transportation, etc, he is lying. There is no way he’s mowing local lawns day and night to buy a truck, a bike, and the expenses to go racing. I own a rusted out Toyota I purchased when I was 18, I have a mortgage, a 09 CRF250, the same No Fear gear I bought when I started, the most holes you'll fine in a pair of A-Stars, and the list goes on. I can barely manage my upkeep on all of these without dipping into credit. My obvious point is that this kid or person will soon realize the real world and it’s expense and it doesn’t slow down for you. I said my peace, I had to vent out. Thanks, Pingree, I’m looking forward to seeing you guest star as a paramedic at some of the SXs. Oh yea, that picture of the PING was great… haha.

Kyle Henkel

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Dear Kyle,

Don’t let it get your panties in a twist, pal. That kid is clearly being subsidized by his dad and when he has to pull his big boy pants on one day and do things on his own he’ll realize that it’s much more difficult to stay in the black ink than when daddy was paying the mortgage. I commend his work ethic but mowing grass and delivering papers doesn’t afford you motocross as a hobby anymore. And if he does make it as a professional racer, someday down the road, we can all have a good laugh at him holding a giant PING in his hand.



"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" –Edmund Burke

"All that is necessary for the loss of our riding areas is for dirt bikers to keep their mouths shut and not vote" -Bill

I’ve read quite a few articles recently of how off road enthusiasts need to get out and VOTE! As an avid reader of your column I can tell you’re as frustrated at the current political landscape of our country as I am. The fact that you live in California, which is the most politically screwed up state in the union, you should have some pretty good insight on the future of our sport if we as enthusiasts don’t come together and let our collective voices be heard. I am confident there are many of your readers who are not planning on voting and as a result will be adding one more nail to the coffin of dirt biking. There has never been a more important election than the one we face on Tuesday November 2, 2010. Remember: When in doubt, vote the incumbent out!


Dear Bill,

True words, indeed. If you have recreation areas that allow motorized vehicle operation don’t sit back and think that it will never go away. There are organizations that are working on closing your riding area right now! The Blue Ribbon Coalition and the AMA and similar groups really do work to protect your right to ride and you should be supporting them and staying informed on what’s going on with land closures and proposed land closures. Hundreds of thousands of acres in Montana that I grew up riding on have been closed down in the past two years. And that is just one state! The crap that is going on in Washington right now is honestly frightening. And just as scary is the fact that many people don’t care enough to try and understand what is going on and do something about it. Do yourself, and everyone in this country, a favor and vote on November 2. And, no, I will not be on the ballot this year, sadly.



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