Moto Legends Trade 60hp Bikes for 850hp Trucks

October 25, 2010 10:24pm

Several big names have found a new a new source of an adrenaline fix, and it comes with an 850+ horsepower motor, a steering wheel, a pair of pedals, and four aggressive tires.
The all-time greats of Motocross like Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Johnson, and Jeff Ward will be getting in on the action as Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series returns to Las Vegas for the Rounds 13 and 14 taking place on November 6th-7th at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series features a stacked field of purpose-built machines battling at high speeds around a short-course track full of rhythm sections, big-air jumps and steep-banked corners. The intense, door-banging, wheel-to-wheel racing is very similar to the action seen in Motocross and SX.
You can find these legends of Motocross and more on-the-edge personalities like Brian Deegan, Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg, Cameron Steele, Tanner Foust, Carey Hart and Jeff "Ox" Kargola attending and/or racing in the action-packed, high-flying, fender-bashing Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. The clash of wheel-to-wheel battles and dogfights will start on Friday and play out through Sunday. You don't want to miss it!

About the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series:
The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series is the evolution of the long-standing support of short-course racing by Forrest Lucas and Lucas Oil Products. Steeped in the Midwest tradition of short-course off-road racing infused with a West Coast influence, Lucas Oil Off Road Racing brings intense, four-wheel, door-to-door action to challenging, fan-friendly tracks. Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series: This is Short Course. For more information, please visit