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Dear Mr. Pingree,

I'd like to follow up on a question asked a few weeks earlier about motocross and how expensive it's becoming. You mentioned with the new age 4 strokes it's almost impossible for a kid to get into the sport with the life savings he racks up working a summer mowing lawns. I agree with you and think it's hurting the sport.

I, now a college student, really want to get back into riding. I rode for almost 9 years as a kid, getting a PW50 when I was four and eventually working my way up to my favorite bike ever; my trusty YZ85. However, I decided to quit the sport I loved to play golf. (You're gonna bust my balls for that I know it.) I worked all throughout middle and high school to get a college scholarship and became a scratch golfer. College golf never worked out for me and I want to get back to racing.

My question is, me being a kid with his summer savings on the line, should I even consider buying myself a 125cc two stroke to get back into it? Will the 125cc classes die out at my local racetracks soon? Would/Could I even be competitive in a field of 250cc four strokes? Do I just need to push my mower around a couple more times and get myself a cc with an F at the end of it?

Thanks for your time and your awesome articles, and good luck in your schooling endeavor. I applaud your decision, knowing it wasn't easy. I know you didn't quit, but I know quitting MX was one of the hardest decisions I could of made at 13 years old, besides which Old Spice deodorant girls like more as I walked through the hallways of my middle school.


Tim Kosters

Dear Tim,

I’ll answer your question with a question: Do you plan on making a living racing motorcycles? Or is your primary motivation for getting a bike to go out and have fun riding motocross again? If you are evenly matched, skillwise, with another rider on a 250F he will probably beat you most of the time. He’ll get the starts and make fewer mistakes on that bike. So, it’s really up to you. I know you want to win… who doesn’t? But think how good it will feel when you do win a race on the 125. It can be done and it will make that cheap little plastic trophy even that much cooler.


Dear Mr. Pingree

If, in fact, that is your real name... Since I had read your column in the August issue of Racer X I had taken notice that you were expanding your horizons in your career field. Since leaving your team manager position at TLD, you have made it well known that you were pursuing a job in the Emergency Medical Services field. Kudos. You are also pushing your new instructional Motocross 101 DVD (that can be purchased @, so kudos again for your vision and efforts. It is very refreshing to see your hard work in this society of instant gratification and self-entitlement.

This brings me to my question: How many jobs is enough? It seems that every time I turn on a television or check the time vampire known as the internet; you're there. The Weather Channel- Given its under your very thinly veiled alias' Adam Berg. And Byron at Really? That the best you could come up with? No last name, just Byron? Is there any other jobs you may have that us loyal fans of the Motocross 101 DVD (Get your own copy @, should know about?

Thanks for your perspective on the sport of motocross, the weather, auto industry, and your Motocross 101 DVD (Great stocking stuffer! available @ We appreciate all that you do.

Andrew Gilliland
Austin, TX

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Dear Andrew,

As you can tell, I don’t buy into the whole liberal ideology that the government or anyone else is obligated to take care of me. I believe that through hard work, instructional videos (, auto sales and accurate weather assessments I can provide for my family. That work ethic is the reason the U.S. of Type A. is (was) the global economic leader and peacekeeper. And while you’re outing my random side jobs I might as well come clean that I’ve been dabbling in a little acting and playing some tight end in the NFL on my off-weekends. Hey, I have two weddings, two cars and two college educations to pay for. Did you buy a copy of Motocross 101 yet? Do it now at

P.S. I'm teaching a motocross school in Arizona next month if you want to make the drive over.


Hey Ping-a-ling,

Just wanted to get your wisdom on something. Why don't any of the women race supercross? Is it just too costly for them to run the series? Heck, I would rather see the women run a few races than have the freestyle show. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing but respect for those guys and what they can do on a bike. I know my berries aren't big enough to do what they do but you can only watch so many flips and whips. I would just like to see what the women could do on a supercross track. Maybe I'm just in the minority though. Heck, I miss seeing the little guys on the 50s race. If nothing else lets put the people in fat suits on some 50s and let them take a lap on the track. That could be entertaining.


Dear Chris,

I don’t know the answer, but if I had to wager a guess I would say it is due to lack of depth in the women’s field. It’s cool to see the top few gals race, but after the lead pack goes by the pace drops like a sorority girls, uh, inhibitions after a monster kegstand. Maybe they’ll get a chance down the road when that series has a chance to grow a bit. Personally, I don’t think they could find a filler act as great as the KTM Jr. Supercross kids. That was always a good time and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those kids… except for Mike Alessi. The freestyle show was okay but the setup and tear-down was cumbersome and it created a huge lag in the show. Maybe the answer is to combine all three ideas? Let’s get some females out of the stands and have them do shots of Jagermeister; we have to keep the sponsors engaged. Then, we put them on KTM 50s and let them race one lap for $1,000. The crashes would suffice as a freestyle show. I think we’re onto something. Hey, Jendro and Prater, you guys getting this?



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