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OMG, I can't believe how you put down the women that attend motocross. Come on Ping, you're better than that...what's up? There is a fair share of men that also attend, and riders, that would attract the hind end of a baboon on a good day! You wouldn’t see us women posting it for all to see. I have to stand up for my fellow female, sheesh, and you men say us women gossip. And as for Kevin, I wouldn’t be surprised that he neither has a girlfriend nor married. Stop being picky, enjoy the sport and stop ragging on the girls.

From one of the "nice girls"


Grand Terrace, CA

Dear Linda,

It isn’t gossip when it’s true, sweetheart. Now, I can’t be sure if you have the standard (909) tramp stamp on your lower back or not but my money says it’s a butterfly or some "sick" tribal work. Is your natural hair color mousy brown with some bleach blonde chunks worked in? Are you wearing a wife beater right now? Hey, this sport is chock full of white trash guys too, so I’m not discriminating here. The question that was asked focused on the female aspect so that is what I responded to. I could go off on a rant or post photo after photo of the mullet-rocking, cigarette-smoking douche bag guys that come out in droves to local dirt bike tracks. There is just as many of them as there are pole-dancing s&%$*s looking for a bro with a lifted truck. But, of course, you aren’t one of those. Right?


Dear David,

I have a few questions for you. First, on most of your letters you sign the bottom "Ping" but a few weeks back you signed, "David." So what gives? You normally don't change your m.o. Were you feeling proper or what?

Next question I know you'll love. I have raced quads for years. I have 6, count them SIX, Texas state championships number 1 plates. But I'm now riding dirt bikes this year. I had to stop racing quads because they were so hard on my body. This year was my first time to race or really even ride a dirt bike on an MX track. I want to know what all the dirt bike guys have been griping about when they said the track is too rough. They need to spend a little time on a quad with only 8" of travel. Anyways, question: have you ever raced a quad and are you one of the griping, wimpy dirt bike riders also? If you haven't, why don't you try?

P.S. One more. Do you use the text short cuts like ttyl, lol and idk?

TJ Smith

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Dear TJ,

Wow, I have no idea what you are talking about because I rarely use David in the motocross world. Half of my friends in this sport don’t even know my real name.

Second question… quads. Really? (Deep sigh) I’m really happy you are six, count them, SIX times a state champion. Everything is bigger in Texas, including ego, apparently. I guess I’m one of the griping "dirtbikers" because, honestly, I would rather drink my own bathwater than buy a quad and set out to be the local quad God. I’d rather leave my wife and date a fat girl than race quads. A really, really fat girl with adult onset diabetes and a questionable rash across most of her body. If you like racing a quad, that’s great; do your thing, son. But don’t send me a letter calling motocross guys whiners and telling me what a rad quad racer you are. In my book that earns you almost as much respect as eating your boogers. When you’ve won a few Texas motocross championships send me another letter and I’ll let you redeem yourself.

And, no, I don’t use the text speak. That’s just dumb, imho.


[These are responses to a previous question about Canada, and more specifically, the province of Quebec]

What the hell! Quebec is probably the place where the people is the most friendly, maybe it's because we don’t talk in English very well but who care! cp 377 and clement dessall doesnt talk really well and they are both apreciated! im from quebec and i read racerx everyday, you just dont know how the quebecois are good on a dirt bike, just a few example like JSR, marco dube, simon homan, kevin benoit etc. i think you should apologize ping! one last thing quebec is the most beautiful province of the canada !

Just read your bit on Canada. I agreed with it 100% and you are right about Quebec: "The one exception was my visit to Quebec, but I’ve been told that Canada doesn’t really claim Quebec. Is that right?"
Quebec wanted to separate and be it's own French-Only country. The rest of us said "Cool. Good Luck with that..."

Well, they lost. They're still a part of Canada, and they're bitter about it (not all, but probly in general)...The other provinces however, now think of Quebec as a pompous ass. The only good thing to come out of Quebec that I can think of is that they sell Booze in corner-stores and their Cheese Curds are the best (think Quebec-Style Poutine). I got family there; they never cross the border into Ontario. They refuse to enter any country that doesn't have French as the Primary Language. "Fine, stay home, fu@$ers!" HA.

Canada is a beautiful place though; you spoke the truth there... but as a Canadian, in Ontario, dude I am so done with winters... I'd live in Cali or Arizona in heartbeat. Troy Lee hiring any Graphic Designers? haha


P.S. Oh and our Beer's way better than yours... Just sayin', eh?

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Dear Jasser and Nick,

I never said that Quebec didn’t turn out good racers. I just didn’t find the people to be that friendly when I was there. And I had some stuff stolen out of my gear bag at the Montreal Supercross one year and that didn’t help my opinion of the locals. Sounds like we can agree on one thing here: You both have terrible taste in food because cheese curds, or Poutine, are the single most disgusting food item ever concocted. Ever. I’ve vomited and been more compelled to re-consume my emesis than eat a cup full of that vile goop. I can’t even stand the word "curd." Cheese "curds!" Who eats that! Crazy Canucks. I’ll let you slide on the hockey thing and I’ll concede that your beer is better but you are on notice about poutine. I’m watching you.


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