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  • The all-too-common-in-moto '91 RM 125.

So why is it that from of all the Action Sports our culture has to experience today, Moto consistently attracts the most recycled, haggard-looking women to its athletes and events? Just look at the quality of female that sits beneath the arm of a professional Surfer, Snowboarder, Wake boarder, Skateboarder, BMX rider, or even NASCAR driver. Bomb shells! Then come to a Moto event and see the prison tattooed, bleached-blonde-haired, fake tanned, clapped out ‘91 RM125-looking, desert-rat women attending 95% of the SX and Outdoor events.

How is this possible?


Dear Kevin,

I blame California. Sure, the trash comes out a little bit back east, but not nearly as bad as out west. For whatever reason, nice girls don’t like the "bro" image of the motocross industry and that came courtesy of the Golden State. They would rather go check out the beach, the mountains or the private jets and helicopters of the NASCAR world. It’s a good thing we don’t like this sport for the class of women that hang around.


  • Rick Melon rules. Hey, look, more trashy women!

I'd like your thoughts on Loretta Lynn’s and ex pros. It's supposed to be an amateur national but there are many, many ex-professional and current local professional riders that race. How is a true amateur supposed to compete? I'm speaking of the vet classes, which are filled with not only former national pros but also an ex-world champion. I have no problem with them racing the vet nationals and such, as those events are not billed as "amateur."


Dear Paul,

Sounds like you got your ass kicked in Tennessee, man. That is my first thought. But I can understand why you are mad. It isn't cheap getting to that race or spending the week there and when you have to line up against guys that have national (or world) championships to their credit, it could be irritating. The last time I heard they were trying to create a vet pro class for anyone over the age of 30 that has ever been a pro racer. I’ll have to check with DC to see where all that went. Next year, if nothing has changed, just go over and steal the forks off Trampas Parker’s bike during the night. Only Rick Melon could come back from adversity like that.


  • Did you get your tickets?

What is the deal with Nick Wey getting so much love in the industry? I am a fan, to an extent, but his results just don't justify the exposure I see him getting in the industry/media. He's constantly on podcasts, radio interviews, videos and most obviously, a factory ride with Monster Kawasaki. I've also heard the rumor that MSR paid him more than Windham to be their poster-boy. What gives? He fights for top 10s, and is currently outside the top 10 in points. Is a pretty face and good personality all you need to get preferential treatment in the industry? If so, I'm getting plastic surgery and asking for a factory ride! I know there are some fresh rookies who would smoke Wey, given the chance to have factory support.

Thanks for're hilarious.

P.S. How is the shameless plugging of your video working out? Keeping food on the table still?

Atlanta, GA

Dear Jake,

I think Nick gets a lot of play because he has a personality. There aren’t a lot of guys in the sport that can say the same thing. They get in front of a camera or a crowd and they go into robot mode and say the same boring thing every time. Nick is actually a funny, unique guy and people like him. Remember, at the end of the day these companies are trying to sell products. And while I agree that running outside the top ten isn’t exactly what you want out of your guy, a good personality can go a long way. And trust me, I know lots of young kids that are fast at their local tracks but it’s a different world at a national or SX. Those boys would have their hands full keeping up with Nick in tenth.

P.S.- Still alive, but make sure you buy a video. I’m out of ice cream.



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