Moto X Super X Adaptive Results

July 30, 2010 9:19am

Results from the Moto X Super X Adaptive Men's competition held at The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, Calif. on July 29, 2010.

            Name                                        Hometown                                Score             

Mike Schultz                              Pillager, Minn.                           5:56.564
Todd Thompson                        Cottonwood, Calif.                    5:58.119
Beau Meier                                Susanville, Calif.                       6:05.787
Jason Woods                           Highlands, N.C.                         6:06.097
Jim Wazny                                Merrill, Mich.                             6:30.019
Samuel Erasmus                       Stilfontein, South Africa             6:58.554
Jesse Gildea                             Osceola, Iowa                           7:04.431
Shane Shipley                           Indiana, Pa.                               8:40.184
Ricky James                             Murrieta, Calif.                           8:54.293
Nick Pappas                             Livermore, Calif.                        8:55.502
Dave Turner                              Salem, Ore.                               9:55.004
Ranel Cox                                 Tuscon, Ariz.                             11:10.209