Renegade Fuels for Lorettas

July 22, 2010 10:00am

The time is getting close and riders are starting to run out of time to get Renegade Fuels pre-ordered and have fuel delivered to the track. Please contact Mark Ticen at or 270-467-4215 to pre-order your fuel for Loretta. When we talked to Mark about fuel for such an event as Loretta Lynn National he stated " I struggle to understand why any racer that has worked this hard and spent a ton of money to get to this event would use a fuel that did not give the very best chance at either having the best moto of the season or pulling that all so important holeshot. We work with some of the most elite riders such as the GEICO Powersports, Star Yamaha, Honda of Troy,  Suzuki City, Malcolm Stewart, Brandon Mays, Matt Besceglia, Extreme Rock Star Suzuki, Eric Goodson and many other top riders that keep it a secret on the fuel of choice. The teams and riders that I just mentioned count on one thing, the very best performance that gives them the best chance at winning. It only makes sense to me that every racer at the ranch would want the same thing. The fuel must be pre-ordered in advance if they would like to have at the ranch for the big dance."

Renegade Fuels is used by many top teams and riders that demand the best performance from any fuel available on the market today, Reserve your fuel now and secure your best chance at a win at the ranch!     
 Renegade Fuels – The Choice of Champions!