Dragon Racing Fuels Race Report – Millville

July 20, 2010 4:52pm

Millville, MN – Heading into Round 7 at Spring Creek Motocross Park, Team Dragon Racing Fuels/1-866-KTM-PART’s hopes were high and the anticipation for a good day of racing was on the minds of #175 Phil Nicoletti and #690 Ricky Winters.

With a little more time on the KTM, Ricky Winters was confident on gaining his first professional position in the Fast Forty. The rookie spent this last week preparing for his attack on Millville and to give a great first impression to the Whoop Monster. Ricky has made incredible progress in his move up to the professional ranks and great things lie in the future of this extremely gifted rider. Unfortunately a crash in the first practice took the wind out of his sails and with the declining track conditions of the second qualifying practice, Ricky will have to bring his newfound Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championship Series experience into the beautiful landscape of Washougal for his first lineup on the starting gate with top riders of the world. "I am very disappointed", said Winters, "The team is working extremely hard to get me ready for the races"… "They give me great equipment and the rest is up to me… I will get it done". Team Dragon Racing Fuels/1-866-KTM-PART couldn’t agree more!

After qualifying 23rd overall, Phil Nicoletti put himself into the position of a mid pack gate pick. As the gate dropped for Moto 1, Phil found himself coming through the first turn in the back of the pack. Determination kicked in and Phil started picking off riders one at a time bringing himself into the top twenty, finishing 17th. However, Nicoletti was docked 5 positions for venturing out of bounds in an area where the markers were knocked down and he was unclear of where the line actually was. The penalty ended up putting Phil 22nd overall for the first Moto.

Anxious to redeem himself, Nicoletti was determined to get a good start and finish what he had started in Moto 1. He got a great start off the gate and was in the lead pack coming out of the first turn. Nicoletti was riding with passion on his Team Dragon Racing Fuels/1-866-KTM-PART 250SXF and was shooting for his first top 10 of the Series. Fighting his way to the 12th spot and setting his sights forward, Phil, along with most of the 250 riders, experienced the difficult uphill double that was taking its toll on all of the machines. Nicoletti made a mistake and cased the jump one too many times causing a mechanical failure putting him out of the race. Phil Nicoletti finished 22-29 for a disappointing 28th overall.

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