The Fox Fifty - Montana

July 16, 2010 2:10pm

Montana may have the largest migratory elk herd and grizzly bear population in the continental United States, but its professional motocross population is among our lowest. Regardless, Montana has produced a Supercross Lites winner and came close to a Supercross Lites championship. You can vote for your five fastest Montana natives below, and we will tally them up and post them here next week. (And if we missed anyone you would like us to mention, please email us at

In no particular order, here are Montana's finest:

Evel Knievel (No introduction needed)
Justin Delaware (Multi-time state champ and qualified for several AMA nationals)
Justin Martz (Five-time Montana State Motocross Champion; now races NASCAR)
David Pingree (Four-time SX Lites winner; 2000 Western Regional SX Lites Championship runner-up)
Cameron Weaver (Multi-time state champ, single-digit four-stroke national-number holder, top-twenty finishes in AMA outdoors races)
Gary Sutherlin (Zip-Ty racing WORCS factory rider, Qualified at Washougal in 2006)
Robby Ott (Qualified for Washougal '90, kept Ping honest (or tried) in '92)
Wayne Ford (Good rider in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s)
Luke Schultz (Multi-time state pro champ and rider of the year)
Jay Mintyala (Pretty fast rider in the early to mid ‘80s)
Mark Johnson (Very fast in the early ‘80s)
Emery Woolsey (Held an AMA number for a few years in the ‘80s and qualified for the Seattle SX)
Dean Olsen (Multi-time state champion in the 125 Pro, +30 Pro, +40 Pro class; won seventeen state championships)


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Ping was born and raised in Montana
photo: Racer X archives