Professor Bailey Plans Boot Camp Challenge Next Week

July 8, 2010 4:40pm | by:


Professor Gary Bailey is holding his first ever Boot Camp next week and it will no doubt live up to the billing.

"I am happy with the group we have enrolled," says Bailey. "I know we will make a real difference in their racing results by focusing for this important week.  This will not be playtime or time spent just riding laps.  That's why I'm calling it boot camp and limiting the number of riders."

"I will be analyzing each rider and fixing their weaknesses just like I do for the pros. I am not going to sugarcoat it. My role is to find an fix problems before they bite you in the butt during a race. I will make the riders have more control and carry a better momentum and this will build confidence."

"National level competition like Loretta Lynn's takes more than skill to get results. This boot camp is designed to give riders that edge. This is not the time to relax now that qualifiers are over. It's time to step it up. Why would you waste your hard work qualifying to go to Lorettas with anything less than your biggest gun and the most ammo? This camp will help you go in like Rambo, ready to fight for the win." 

"After 40 years of analyzing and training the top riders, I know what to look for and I am glad I now have time to offer this to amateurs through personal coaching and specialty camps like this boot camp. I am really looking forward to next week."

As of now, only 3 spots remain. Boot Camp is July 12- 16th at Lake Sugartree MX in Axton, Virginia. To enroll go to, email or call (276)650-1759.