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X-Tream Clean Announces New Product


Charlotte, NC – July 5, 2010 X-Tream Clean Products introduces a new product to the line-up in Reflect Chrome & Paint Renewer.  Reflect is a new professional grade polishing compound that provides a deep shine to metals and painted surfaces. With its unique combination of lubricants and nanotechnology abrasives, Reflect will add shine and bring new life and color back to faded finishes. Reflect will remove oxidized pigment, road film, dirt, stains and minor scratches. This smooth lotion like product contains no harsh chemicals, no harsh abrasives and can be applied by hand or by orbital or rotary polisher.  Cleans and shines metals, painted surfaces and chrome to give you maximum visual reflection in an easy on, easy off product. Great for rims, wheels, metals and any painted surfaces and chrome surfaces. Take the hassle of cleaning out of your hands and put it in XTC’s hands.  Not designed for plastics.

About: X-Tream Clean Products based in Charlotte, NC develops and markets cleaning products specifically designed for motocross bikes, street bikes, ATVs, UTVs, bicycles, karts and all related off-road, on-road and on-water machines as well as developing tire preps for dirt and asphalt racing applications under the brand name X-Factor Tire Preps.  More information can be found at

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