Virtual iLap Around Red Bud

July 2, 2010 11:20am | by:

DC was out on the track this AM and decided to give you guys and gals a look at the center of american motocross, the Rockstar Energy Red Bud Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross track to be raced on this weekend. Check out this virtual iPhone track tour which we call the "iLap." The Rockstar Energy Red Bud National will air LIVE at 3:30EST on Saturday showcased NBC while the 250 class will air on SPEED Sunday at 8PM EST (check local listings). As always the first motos will be shown live on


The gate drops and they're off!

Big, wide 90 degree first turn with the potential to host a big yard sale.

Second turn has a big bank and multiple lines.

Exit turn three, then mechanic's area and the ski jump section where both Dungey and Alessi have gone down in the past.

Ski jump landing then down past the K Zone.

Ski jump backside with tapered landing.

As usual the whole facility is simply immaculate!

Big banked left, down long straight down to hairpin right, and then the Red Bud trademark tabletop.

Tabletop landing to fast left sweeper, and then the big double that might just be the best whip jump in pro motocross!

How could you not whip it here?!

Land from double, then quick switchback. The lower off-camber left hook is not there...

... But this off-camber is, and it's steep as well as wide. This brings you back down towards the infield.

What it looks like heading into that fierce righthand off-camber... Check out the loamy, roost-worthy soil!

Check it out: Another off-camber hairpin after you go up into the trees for a lefthand legal U-turn.

Single out of trees, down to another sweeper under the Toyota Trucks arch.

The big, wide infield sweeper where Dungey somehow endoed on his own last year.

Pure moto bliss.

Massive, spectacular and fun ski jump back out to camping area. This is where Larry Brooks landed and cartwheeled one year, landing wide right and getting into the kicker bumps.

Landing on the backside, across the facility divide. Brooks would have been down there on the right side of what is a new spectator tunnel to the infield from amateur camping area.

The bottom left before the whoops is a handlebar-dragger right now. Think Jeff Emig at the '92 MXoN in Australia. Someone send that famous photo first and get a Racer X swag pack with posters, stickers and a free digital sub!

The Red Bud whoops. Tame today for amateurs but tomorrow will be a sick washboard.

Red Bud just does it right. Tim Ritchie probably painted that himself! This is the tabletop back down where RC and Stewart were whipping together in that epic Red Bud '07 battle.

View from the end of the whoops, standing on the outside berm of that right handed hairpin. Wasn't this where RC passed James round the outside? Round the outside?

In another life Tim Ritchie must have been an accomplished landscaper, maybe even a greenskeeper!

Land, kickers, wide left, and then the world's most famous parking lot jump.

Would you hit that?

The single most famous jump in the motocross world, LaRocco's Leap.

View from the takeoff, up to landing on the backside of the third. Chad Reed suggested this morning that they taper the landing a bit, which they will.

Land from LaRocco's Leap, 90-degree right, then straight towards the finish line, with an inside and outside line.

Another look at the last turn.

The finish line! Then you land and make a big, flat sweeper across the start and away you go, another lap around Red Buuuuuud!

View from the fence.