Concept2 Rowing Behind Top Pros

June 28, 2010 4:45pm | by:

Top Pro’s from all over the globe using the Concept2 Rower for their physical training.

Morrisville, Vermont: Concept2 inc. is proud to announce that in this very exciting outdoor motocross season that many of the top riders are utilizing the Concept Indoor Rower for their training as well as pre-race warm ups.
Although Concept2 Indoor rowers have been becoming a staple of training within the sport for some time it seems that more pro’s and their trainers have found it to be one of the best ways to get the most out of their bodies without the added abuse on the body.

Some of the top riders that you may see this season on the rowers are:
450 class
Andrew Short
Ryan Dungey
Ben Townley
Tommy Hahn

250 class
Tyla Rattray
Justin Barcia
Trey Canard
Eli Tomac
Tommy Searle
Hunter Hewitt

Ashley Fiolek
Sarah Price
Other Notable names that we hope to see this season: James and Malcolm Stewart

Andrew Short Ben Townley warming up at Buds Creek

Malcolm Stewart following in Big Bro's footsteps Tommy Searle
Tyla Rattray