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  • I hate golfers!!
I don't have issues with FMX riders in general, or Brian Deegan and the Mulisha specifically, but why would a rational person risk everything they have built as an individual and in business to "poach" a golf course while people are playing on it? Even if it was just a publicity stunt and you had full approval, then why risk the incredibly negative impact that it will have on your sport?

Jim Dandy

Dear Jim,

Sadly, that is what the MM and their "troops" are all about. I’m sure punks across the planet thought that was hilarious, but for anyone with any common sense it was childish and rude. Maybe someone should fire up their 450 and go rip Brain Deegan’s lawn to hell. I wonder if he would think that’s funny? Maybe jump into his back yard and roost some dirt into his pool? Would he just stand there and laugh while his property was disrespected like that? I doubt it. He’s the General of the Mulisha so he would probably do something hard, like… call the cops.


Short n sweet Mr pingree,

I'm an American now living in Canada. Has there ever been a faster Canadian than Dean Wilson? Heck, I remember Ross "Rollerball" Pederson (top 20 guy), then there was Jean Sabastien waaaa (i dunno, French-top 10 guy), now there’s Dean "Rollerblade" Wilson...(made that up all by myself). Am I wrong in thinking this kid is possibly the fastest ever to come out of Tim Horton's land?

Dear Defected American,

  • Take off, eh, Deano's totally Canadian.
Wow, you aren’t even Canadian and you’re still trying to claim him for the Great White North? First of all, yes, "Rollerblade" is the fastest rider to ever come out of Canada. Period. Matthes and JSR might argue with me, but I think time will prove me right beyond a reasonable doubt. Second, I have a hard time calling him Canadian when he is still pretty Scottish. I mean, Wardy is from Scotland, but if he didn’t tell you that you would never know. Deano’s accent is a hodge-podge of Bob or Doug McKenzie, Slater from Saved By The Bell and that Leprechaun from the Lucky Charms commercial. I don’t know whether to sing O’ Canada when I see him or start dancing a jig. The argument of where he calls home is going to rage in perpetuity, and it will pick up speed when he wins his first championship. My guess is that won’t be too far down the road.



How did Chad Reed lose his accent? He went from wanker to dude.

Dear ?,

It’s a strange phenomenon, isn’t it? How can a person’s accent change so drastically in such a short period of time? Reedy’s accent was thicker than a Japanese photo album when he packed his bags and headed to Europe. Now, the only time I can tell he’s an Aussie is when he says Yamahar and Honder. And in another few years you won’t even be able to tell that Bret Metcalfe is from Australia. Right now he’s got a mix of shrimp-fingers twang, Georgia hillbilly and Moto bro all wrapped into one messy ball of dialect. He started out sounding like Steve Irwin and now he sounds more like Ernie Irvin. I would usually crack a few more wise-ass comments here but the last time I spent a week in Hawaii I was throwing shakas and talking pidgin like I grew up on the north shore. It happens quickly and it’s difficult to avoid unless you have someone there keeping you straight and saying to you with a disgusted look, "Hey, assface, why are you talking like that? You are from Montana." Yeah, my wife always has my back. Thanks, babe.




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