Racer X Injury Report

June 24, 2010 4:21pm

Blake Baggett – Arm
Comment: The Rockstar Energy Drink Suzuki rider struck a rock on the step-down before the finish during the second practice at Budds Creek on Saturday, causing him to crash. The crash broke his left humerus, the bone that connects the shoulder to the elbow, and he was unable to compete as a result of his injury. Blake underwent surgery on Saturday night to repair the damage.

Travis Baker - Shoulder

Comment: According to his team manager, Travis sustained a second-degree AC separation in the first moto at Freestone and is going to take a few weeks off to get some strength back before returning to racing. "Travis has started to ride and is feeling good, and he will return to racing at RedBud next weekend."

Tyler Bowers – Femur
Comment: Starting therapy a few times a week but still isn’t putting any pressure on the hip until the doctor says it’s healed.

Michael Byrne – Hand
Comment: Broke the third metacarpal in his left hand on the second lap of the first moto at High Point. Had surgery and plans to be back at Millville.

Christian Craig – Broken Back
Comment: From his agent: "The rods in his back are expected to be removed in early June. He is healing very well and eager to have them taken out. Once the rods are removed it should be two to three months before he can ride again. He has been working out with his Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/Lucas Oil Honda team at Charles Dao's "Icon Sports Performance" and making great progress. People can follow his recovery by signing up for his email list at www.ChristianCraig.net. Depending on his recovery pace he should be up to speed in time for the U.S. Open. However, his focus is already set on the 2011 SX season."

Sherri Cruse - Wrist and Back
Comment: Out indefinitely.

John Jelderda - Collarbone
Comment: Qualified for the 450 Class at both Hangtown and Freestone, but an early-moto fall in Texas sidelined the rookie for four weeks. He's planning on coming back at Unadilla and will compete in the 250 Class.

Sean Hackley – Ribs
Comment: Crashed in the first 450 moto at High Point and suffered a broken rib and some bruising. Says he’ll likely return at RedBud.

Wil Hahn – Shoulder
Comment: Suffered an AC separation while practicing this week in Texas. Undergoing surgery on Monday and will be out indefinitely.

Jake Marsack - Neck
Comment: Jake's about 95 percent healed, thanks to the care of Steve Navarro and the people he is associated with. He has starting a limited workout now.

Davi Millsaps – Kidney/Thumb/Ribs
Comment: From his Twitter: "I ended up losing my whole kidney, broke my thumb, broke ribs, bruised ribs, and bruised lung."

Ryan Morais – Thumb
Comment: Had surgery on his thumb to repair an avulsion fracture that he sustained in a practice crash at Freestone. Healing time from here is around 4-6 weeks.

Cole Siebler - Back
Comment: Cole had back surgery recently and is beginning rehab and plans to be fully ready for the European and U.S. supercross season.

James Stewart – Wrist
Comment: Stewart has been out since the third round of AMA Supercross with a wrist injury. According to the San Manuel Yamaha team manager Larry Brooks, Stewart is awaiting a final release from his doctors before he begins riding again. Future racing plans are yet to be determined.

Austin Stroupe – Shoulder
Comment: Suffered a third-degree AC separation which required surgery. His return is still undecided.

Ivan Tedesco – Lung
Comment: Out indefinitely with a collapsed lung and bruised ribs. May return for the last four nationals.

Ryan Villopoto – Leg
Comment: Broken tib/fib from St. Louis SX. Expected to be back on a bike in August, and likes to hope he could race the AMA Pro MX finale at Pala, but isn't counting on that.

Heath Voss – Kneecap
Comment: Out with a broken right patella (kneecap).

Chris Whitcraft – Back
Comment: Things are looking better every day, and Chris was up and walking around at High Point this past weekend. You can help support Chris by visiting www.chriswhitcraft.com.

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