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I, like everyone, am glad to have outside sponsors that are involved in MX/SX. I'm curious how the San Manuel Tribe of Missionary Indians became involved. Do you know? I also feel that their riders should have Indian names. I'm sure Josh Hill would go for it. I think they have another rider, but haven't seen him in awhile. I've forgotten his name-but I guess if it was a catchy Indian name, I might remember. Good Luck this summer with your team!

P.S. I caught Supercross: The Movie with my boys the other night on TV. You look pretty hard standing behind Tyler Evans. I hope fatherhood has softened you a bit.

  • Josh and James talk lines before the main event.
Dear Endo,
The San Manuel Indians are actually a great group of people to have involved in motocross. They are simply trying to surround their young tribal members with positive role models in the motocross community. I’m stoked they are fans of the sport. Now, I don’t know how they would feel about their riders having stereotypical nicknames, but I think it is amazing and I don’t know why it hasn’t been done already. Josh Hill could be Eats like a Bird, Dropping Weight, Wounded Ribs or Rides with No Helmet. Maybe we could call Stewie Aching Wrist, Flies like a Crow, Dances with Cougars, or Skips Nationals for Reality Show Stardom. That last one might not pass as an authentic Chippewa name, but I threw it in there anyway. I’d love to hear some other possibilities if anyone has ideas.

And we never speak about Supercross: The Movie. I used to wonder if a price could be put on my dignity and self-respect. It turns out it is the exact amount I was paid for doing that film.


I wanted to get your opinion on two things: what’s your take on the KTM350, or 350s in general, and what the H, E, double hockey-sticks was Scott-nadian boy Dean Wilson thinking at Freestone?

  • Jar of mayo or Dean Wilson's ass? Too close to call.
Dear Steve,

The KTM 350 is an interesting bike. I haven’t ridden it yet, but for those who think a 450 is too much to handle and a 250 just doesn’t have enough balls, this bike could be the answer. Phil Lawrence has been doing development testing on that bike for a while and he’s been saying good things. I’ll let you know more after we have our Racer X Tested Shootout this fall.

Dean was thinking one of two things in Texas: "I’m going to pass out and die from the heat if I have to go one more lap." Or, "If my pants come down any lower I won’t be able to swing my leg over the bike when I come to a stop." Either way, it was a rough ending to a very long day for Deano. He has better days ahead, for sure. Is it just me or was his butt the exact color of mayonnaise?


A question that keeps nagging at me (between Bob Marley tapes): If you'd put Bob Hannah on a new RM125 and Christophe Pourcel on a twin-shock anything from back in the day, who'd win? Hannah gets half a lap for the age difference.
Or should I get some rum to go with the Marley tapes and forget the whole thing?

Big Lou

Dear Big Lou,
Comparing different generations is difficult. Was McGrath faster than Rick Johnson? Was Bradshaw faster than Stewart? These are questions that we will never truly know the answers to. Rather than let the speculation run out of control, and kill a young, French rider on an old-ass bike, I say do some casual sailing with Captain Morgan and let this one go.




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