Renegade Fuels Looks for More Strong Results at High Point

June 11, 2010 5:38pm | by:

Renegade Fuels had a strong showing in the heat at Texas and looks to better some results at High Point this weekend. Renegade SX4+ was the fuel of choice for many teams and riders. The SX4+ was put to the test as far as stability goes with the Texas heat. The SX4+ performed flawless all weekend and provide 5 of the top 10  and 9 of the top 20 lites riders with the performance advantage that SX4+ is known for. The SX4+ also fueled the GEICO bike of Metcalfe to pulling holeshots in both 450 moto’s and Tomac pulling the holeshots in the lites class.
 250 Class
     4th 20 Broc Tickle Holly
     5th 38 Trey Canard
     6th 243 Eli Tomac
     9th 48 Max Anstie
     10th 17 Justin Barcia
     11th 577 Martin Davalos
     13th 21 Blake Wharton
     14th 31 Matthew Lemoine
     20th 92 Michael Willard
     25th 505 Sean Lipanovich
     26th 613 James DeCotis
     33th 370 Drew Yenerich
     35th 341 Nico Izzi
     36th 36 Darryn Durham
450 Class
     4th 24 Brett Metcalfe
     21th 43 Steven Clarke
     22th 69 Adam Chatfield
     28th 313 Derek Rogers
     1st 2 Jessica Patterson
     12th 5 Elizabeth Bash
Watch for many of these riders to move up in results at High Point. It will be a change from the Texas heat that claimed many of the riders to the possible mud of High Point.  Renegade Fuels will continue to provide the best fuel in the performance industry as riders pre-order the fuel for the event and it will be shipped straight to the track. Renegade Fuels – The Choice of Champions