MotoE 8-Week Performance Program Designed for Loretta’s

June 11, 2010 9:56am

For the first time, MotoE has put together an 8 Week Performance Program designed specifically for Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship. With this program, you will be prepared both physically and mentally for any obstacle that MX Sports creates on the track – especially the 10 Commandments! In addition to being physically prepared, you will have access to the MotoE Blueprint of Success Mental Program for Performance™. This 10 step program will have you mentally prepared to handle the high level pressure associated with an event like Loretta’s.

"With resources being as tight as they are for everyone, this is our way of providing racers the resources necessary to perform up to their full potential when it matters most. Families dedicate so much time and financial resources to qualify for Loretta only to arrive fatigued and nervous which leads to sub-par performances. With this program, racers will not experience such frustrations" says Robb Beams, owner of

Program Elements

  • 8 Week MotoE Training Schedule (workouts both on and off of the motorcycle)
  • Instructional videos on strength, stretching, hydro therapy and ice therapy
  • Conference Call Library to conversations about nutrition, strength, flexibility, race strategy and more!
  • eBooks on Concept 2 rowing, bicycling, swimming, treadmills, elliptical and aqua jogging
  • Unlimited emails to the MotoE staff regarding your training and nutrition

Program Fee: $199

A portion of the fees will go directly to the Ride4A-T Charity and A-T Children’s Project. Please go to for more information on A-T.

To order your MotoE 8 Week Performance Program, please email your name and email to: