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Hey Ping! How do you feel about the criss-cross line cross section that took out your boy Cole? I was standing right there looking at it telling my buddy how stupid that section was when him and Nicoletti found each other. They had a very similar section at Washougal last year (It took out Cody Cooper). I just don't see how the track builders can’t visualize the lines before building sections that are dangerous and don't work. I understand that they are trying to encourage multiple lines and passing, which is really hard with only five minutes of untimed practice to form new lines, but motocross isn't supposed to be figure-eight racing! Congratulations on your team's success.

Dear ?,

There’s no doubt that section was sketchy. I appreciate what they were trying to do, but they made a dangerous section out of that part of the track. The incident you are talking about was the worst-case scenario of what could have happened. Cole went wide, Nicoletti dove inside and crossed over to the outside line where Cole landed right on him and wiped them both out. Nicoletti is earning a reputation for making bad decisions on the racetrack. Don’t believe me? Go ask Ryan Morais about his weekend at Anaheim 2. Still don’t believe me? Go ask anyone that grew up racing with him. It seems like he forgets to turn his brain on before he heads to the start line. I was just stoked that neither one of them were seriously injured in the crash, especially Cole. And then I saw this photo and I thought to myself, "What would be the best way to apologize for cross-jumping into another rider's line and taking him out?" Clearly the answer is to kick them in the crotch.


  • Easy, breezy, and beautiful.

What was the deal with the skirts in Las Vegas? Since the photo in the "Las Vegas SX Wallpaper" section was taken from behind, I couldn’t tell who they were, but I’m guessing one of the two guys wearing the skirts is you? Did someone lose a bet or was it just really hot that day? It took me a while to stop laughing after seeing that photo! I’ll bet the skirts were much cooler than the long dark shorts the other guy on your team was wearing. Keep up the great work you’re doing for the TLD team and for Racer X!



Dayton, OH

Dear Andy,

There were no bets. It was hot outside and Wil Hahn and I thought it might feel nice to wear a skirt. And you know something? We were right. The breeze was amazing and my undercarriage has never stayed so dry in such a sweltering climate. It almost made me wish I were Scottish so I could run a kilt full-time.


Hello Mr. Ping!!!!

With your vast knowledge of all things motocross, and knowing you would love to impart your wisdom to us, the ignorant masses, I was wondering about protective gear that might be used by top professional motocrossers that we do not see. Do they use under armor, shoulder supports, ankle wraps, wrist wraps, any special hip pads or even skins under their gloves? If you can't answer that then maybe you could at least throw out a tip or two about reducing chaffing in the nether region. Success to you and your team in the upcoming season.


Braap!! (excuse me)

  • This is what my rear end always looked like after a moto at Southwick.
Dear Braap,

Sadly, riders aren’t wearing nearly enough protection. Most guys use some type of knee brace and most have started using neck protection of some sort as well. Beyond that, the extra protective measures are few and far between. In supercross, most riders don’t wear any type of upper body protection. For the national motocross rounds most guys will throw on a thin roost guard to soften the blow of the torturous roost that comes at them for 35 minutes straight… twice. But that doesn’t do anything if you fall and take a bar to the gut or slam into the ground with your chest or back. Those are where your vital organs are folks and you would think we would all know better than to hurl ourselves over the terrain common on a motocross track without reasonable protection. I’m as guilty of it as anyone. I’ll start wearing a chest protector for a while only to leave it at home after a month or so because it's uncomfortable and it covers the sweet logos on my new jersey. Guess what, Captain Vanity? You aren’t going to look cool when you explode your appendix in a crash and have to get emergency surgery to stay alive. They’ll probably cut your silly new jersey off anyway. That’s it… I’m wearing my chest protector again.

P.S.- If your bonch is medium-rare after a day of riding get some proper riding shorts or bicycle shorts with a chamois in them. They will keep you from looking like a red-assed monkey during mating season.



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