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AeroCat High Performance Bikes Accepting Resumes


AeroCat High Performance Bicycles is based in Portland, Indiana USA and is now accepting sponsorship resumes for the 2010 season. Our main focus brings high-end bicycles to market with unsurpassed value. We develop and build bikes by utilizing state-of-the-art materials, creative manufacturing processes, and demanding quality control standards. Special attention has been given to the look and feel of AeroCat bicycles. The unique graphic design, tube shapes, and overall ride performance truly make AeroCat bikes stand out among other brands. Mark Ticen, Race Support Program, will introduce the AeroCat products to the motocross and supercross industry. Mark is involved in the racing industry with Renegade Fuels and works with some of the most elite athletes in motocross and supercross from the Pro ranks down to the grass roots racers. He has also been involved in cycling and riding the AeroCat Team Issue 505. He has now moved to the 509 model that will be available soon and looks forward to many more miles. Cycling has many benefits to the racing industry. Some of these benefits are,
Injury Avoidance

- Eases muscle imbalance.

- Strengthens power muscles: quads, gluteus maximus, and calves.

- Increases flexibility.

- Stretches hamstrings – causes hamstrings to lengthen.

- Help prevents Runners Knee injury (chondromalacia).

Cycling improves your performance

- Racer's endurance and strength is improved with bicycle cross training.

- Can add another high-intensity workout to your training week.

- Can improve cardio conditioning without risking impact overuse from excessive running. Cycling places less stress on your body. You can cycle many hours with minimal body stress.

- Cycling is a weight-bearing activity without the impact stress of running.

- By using alternative muscle systems, you are resting running muscles and allowing them to recover while you are cycling.

- Enhances fast leg turnover

- Enhances motivation by adding variety

- Minimizes the loss of cardio conditioning when recovering from an injury.

If you are a serious athlete looking for a performance bicycle that will help bring your fitness to the next level, send your resume to . We know how hard racers work and how much it cost to compete at the top levels of motocross and supercross. That is why we are currently seeking the serious athlete the demands a serious high performance bicycle at a discounted cost.


Mark Ticen
Race support Program
AeroCat High Performance Bicycles

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