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Ok Ping man ... I am dead serious about this, and the only person who can get this done is YOU !!!!!! I am wanting to start a petition here on Racer X. What is the chance that we could get Pastrana to do his biggest stunt yet…Dancing With The Stars!!!!!!!!
Help me out Ping, get this ball rolling.


  • You really want to see TP like this? Really?
Dear Kevin,

Dancing with the stars, really? Really? I’ve only seen that show a few times but it seems awfully cheesy. The only way it could work is if TP could spice up his routine by having his dance partner fired out of a cannon and onto the dance floor. Or maybe they could drop onto the stage from a quarter pipe on big wheels? Even then, the show is pretty lame, Kevin. The girls always end up crying and the guys have to wear tights and sequined shirts… it’s a bad deal for any guy with genuine street cred. Maybe when he’s old, arthritic and unable to do anything cool he could sign up, but right now he’s jumping cars over large bodies of water onto moving barges. That’s way cooler than the fox trot in a shiny leotard.


Dear Ping,
I am really happy that the GPs are back on a regular basis in the USA as, in my opinion, it makes no sense to call it a world championship if there is not at least one race on American soil. I would like to have your opinion on how many US riders will show up at the GP race at Glen Helen knowing that they will have to spend money to get to the race, pay an insane entry fee for racing, put on the show, take all the risks and have no chance to make a single penny for their work?

Dear Laurent,

I think it’s cool that they are having a GP here as well. But I think you already know the answer to your question. Who do you know who would go bust their asses and pay money to be at their job all weekend long without compensation? Our guys are contracted and focused on doing the best they can in OUR series and adding another race, and an unfamiliar one at that, isn’t part of most of their plans. You might get one or two guys to show up, but it won’t be any of the top U.S. riders. As of right now Ben Townley is planning on racing because he thinks the extra seat time will help him in his position. Those plans could still change based on what happens this weekend. They need to put the event at the end of our series and add some type of bonus program if they ever want our riders to sign up.



The podium pictures from Jacksonville and many other races this year show both Pourcel and Villopoto with their Thor pants unbuckled, unzipped, pulled opened and partially dropped. Are they trying to let the "mens" know they are available or something? After all, we all know (probably not) that loose fitting pants that hang low in the rear originated in the prisons of this great country. Years prior to this fashion statement and to this day, the convicts strut around the prison with their pants dropped in the rear exposing the underwear that covers their rump. This display lets the other prisoners know that they no longer have a man friend and are in search of another. I suspect that this fashion statement was brought to our streets by the released convicts who left their man friend(s) behind, no pun intended, and are looking for another. Oh, great one, I hope that you and all readers of your informative column will expose this fad for what it really is… A STATEMENT.
The Fashion Truther

  • These guys are apparently single and ready to mingle
Dear creepy guy with too much prison info,

Okay, I don’t even want to know how you know this bit of information. Maybe this email is coming straight out of Pelican Bay… I don’t know. I hope that it is true and that word spreads about the implications of wearing your pants that way because I can’t stand it. Not only is it popular to pull your pants down just below your butt cheeks, but guys are doing it with skinny jeans that look like they were hijacked out of their little sister's closet. Even if your theory is wrong… it still looks gay. I don’t think RV or Pourcel like "mens" as you call them, but maybe this will open the eyes of everyone out there running their little pants down below their butts, gay prison-style. Or maybe they really are trolling for a new man?


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