The Fox Fifty - Maine Results

May 13, 2010 1:31pm

  • Mike Treadwell is Maine's fastest dirt bike rider.
The results are in for our fifth state in The Fox Fifty, and the fastest rider ever from the state of Maine is Mike Treadwell, who grabbed over a quarter of the votes with 30 percent. Old Orchard Beach resident Wally Silva came in second with 15 percent, followed closely by Dave Rudnicki, Craig Dube and Dan Pepoon.

Now, we here at Racer X and the guys at Fox came up with a list of who we think are the five fastest from Maine, and they are:

1. Mike Treadwell
2. Wally Silva
3. Dave Rudnicki
4. Dan Pepoon
5. Craig Dube

Now here’s some feedback regarding the state of Maine and some fast men that weren’t included on the ballot:

From Joel Robinson:

Trenton Estes is a name you should include in your fastest riders list. Won several NESC titles and was competitive in the LL and Winter O's against the likes of Pastrana. He beat Tredwell, Pepoon and several of the top NESC guys most every weekend. He raced for John Dowd’s KTM team for a year.

Jasen Erickson:

Seth Taylor. He is the most dominant rider ever to come out of Maine. If you lined up everyone on your list at their best, Seth Taylor would come out in front without even breaking a sweat.

Stay tuned to Racer X Online for the next state—Virginia! (Got any suggestions or nominations?