Glen Helen to Run World Championship Rules

April 29, 2010 2:24pm | by:
The US Grand Prix, the sixth round of the 2010 FIM World Championship, will be held under the technical guidelines of the FIM rulebook after a request from the governing body to the MSMA (Motorcycle Sport Manufacturers Association) was withdrawn this week. The suggestion was made to the collective of the brands within the GP paddock and the deadline for reply by the MSMA was set for last Sunday, race-day at the Grand Prix of Netherlands at Valkenswaard.

The MSMA was unanimous in its decision against the proposal, citing performance differences and the negation of a stern efforts to reduce noise levels in the world championship while striving to maintain power output. The ‘double rule’ scheme would have permitted AMA entrants to abide by the different noise measurement regulations (the FIM use the new 2 meter max rule for 81db at 100m measurement) while also affecting the issue of fuel. Adoption of the dual-rulebook would have made American participation a simpler affair – and is believed to be the main motivation behind the idea’s genesis – but was seen as an undesirable move by much of GP fraternity.

“The FIM MX1/2 Motocross World Championship (as well as the FIM Veteran Motocross World Cup) in Glen Helen on 30 May 2010 will be run exclusively according to the 2010 FIM World Championship Regulations,” confirmed FIM CMS Dr Wolfgang Srb this afternoon. “Therefore only the FIM sound control as well as fuel according to FIM specifications will be accepted - just like in all the other rounds of the 2010 FIM World Championships and Cups.”

“‘Double Regulations’ will not be used for the FIM Motocross Grand Prix of the United States of America, the FIM World Championship Regulations will be fully enforced,” asserted Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo. “We are hoping that in the future the FIM and National Championships will have the same Technical Regulations so that it’s easier for everyone, especially the manufacturers and teams.”

The entry list for the event at Glen Helen will be formulated fifteen days prior to the meeting with details of the teams abstaining from the travel across the Atlantic and those natives opting to turn out in the first American round of the series since 2000 still to be confirmed and unveiled. With this current issue now decided the Grand Prix can now proceed heartily along the lines of its promotional tag as ‘Race of the Century.’

“We are pleased that the FIM are keeping the rules for this Grand Prix,” commented Honda Motor Europe Off-road Racing Manager Roger Harvey. “We can appreciate the occasion but it is also round six of fifteen in the world championship with a set of regulations we have all worked to respect for 2010. I hope the race will be as good as we are all hoping now.”