Hookit.com and FUEL TV Partner to Hook-Up Young “Unsponsored” Athletes

April 28, 2010 2:44pm
San Diego, CA – FUEL TV, a leading provider of action sports media coverage, and Hookit.com, the largest social network for lifestyle sports, today announce a unique promotion and content partnership. The highlight of the agreement is the launch of a new online community for FUEL TV’s ‘Unsponsored’ segment. This community provides aspiring amateur athletes in skate, surf, snow, motocross, BMX and wake their potential 2 minutes of fame – and some serious exposure – on FUEL TV, which is now broadcast in 30 million homes nationwide.

In order to be eligible, any ‘Unsponsored’ athlete must submit their video online at http://unsponsored.hookit.com. Once a month, a panel of judges from FUEL TV and Hookit.com will review the submissions and select unsponsored athletes for a chance to be featured on FUEL TV as well as receive introductions to top industry brands. For the athletes, this also means no more cumbersome mailing of DVD’s or emailing clips in hopes they will get viewed. Athletes who don’t get selected to be on FUEL TV can still get exposure, promote themselves and connect with brands for deals on products through the Unsponsored community and their profile on Hookit.com.

“Our roots started in sponsorship and helping open doors for young up and coming athletes. There are so many athletes who have the skills, but need that one big break to help them get to the next level,” said Scott Tilton, CEO of Hookit.com. “This partnership with FUEL TV provides our ‘Unsponsored’ members with an exceptional opportunity for amazing exposure while adding great content for all of our members to browse and share.”

As part of the partnership, Hookit.com is also hosting premium online video content from FUEL TV. The content will be featured across various sport hubs on Hookit.com helping create new advertising revenue opportunities for both properties and highlighting popular shows like “Bubba’s World,” “The Daily Habit,” “Firsthand” and others.

“Hookit.com has an incredibly targeted and passionate community of action sports athletes who need exposure and want great content,” said Gene Pao, FUEL TV’s VP of New Media and International Development. “Their history in sponsorship made this partnership a perfect fit for Unsponsored as well as a great avenue for us to promote and distribute FUEL TV content.”

For more information and specifics, check out www.fuel.tv/unsponsored or http://unsponsored.hookit.com.