Gravitt Racing's Randy Childers Injured

April 26, 2010 4:24pm | by:
Please Pray for Randy Childers

This past Saturday at the Ponca City Qualifier at Cowboy Badlands local pro rider, Randy Childers, was injured during the last moto of the day. He was life flighted to a local hospital where he was soon transported to Houston because of the severity of his injuries. He suffered a crushed C3, compound fracture to the wrist, and broken ribs. He went under a 12-hour surgery last night for his back and the surgeons put in an artificial C3 and fused his C4 & C5 together. The surgery was successful and since have removed the halo traction. The doctors are now repairing his wrist. He is currently on a ventilator but is showing great strength and improvement. Please keep Randy Childers and his family in your prayers!