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Hey Ping,

I have an '05 CRF Two-fiddy and I just got a new chain and sprockets. I decided to try 13/52 for better acceleration, but after reading a few message boards, a few people said that the sprockets will wear out because 52 goes into 13 four times. Should I have just left it stock, or will it not be a problem? 


Dear Damon,

Just being honest here… that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Your first problem is listening to the brain trust that collects in Internet chat rooms. That is not the think tank you should be drawing information from. First of all, 52 does not go into 13 at all. And even if it were phrased properly it would still be a completely ridiculous notion. Enjoy your new spread of power and leave the math up to the Mensa folks.


Have you ever wondered like myself why we twist a throttle versus a thumb one used on almost every other off road machine ? Jet skis, ATVs, etc. I know it sounds stupid, but think about how much less arm pump it would be. Has anyone known experimented with it?

Ken Alder

Dear Ken,

It sounds like simple genius at first, but I really don’t think it’s going to do anything for arm pump. You’ll still have a death-grip going on with your four main digits and that’s what causes arm pump. And have you ever ridden a ski long enough to get thumb cramps? That sucks as bad as arm pump. Victor Sheldon and Joe Bird will like it… but that’s about it.

  • I just can't see this on a factory bike

Dear Ping,

I am an avid reader of your column and I want you to know that I really enjoy your witty yet informative replies. My question centers on current motocross lingo. Since you are wise to the ways of motocross, I wondered if you would provide a few essential terms that every motocross enthusiast should know in order to fit in and sound informed. Because I have inconsistently followed the sport over the last two decades, most of my motocross jargon is horribly outdated. For example, back in the day (mid-80s), my friends and I would call certain riders "spodes" if those riders were know-it-alls and sucked giant moose balls on the track. Is there a modern-day term for spode?

Ithaca, NY

Dear Randy,

Spode still works. Guys that surf and ride like to call them “Barneys,” Canadian’s call them “hosers” and most kids these days will just call someone a jackass or a D-Bag, but spode is still a universally spoken language in the world of motocross. I’ve got my own words but they aren’t suitable for print and I typically just mumble them under my breath. See you in Unadilla you [inaudible mumbling].


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