250 Words: Houston

April 14, 2010 4:11pm | by:
  • Chalk up another title for the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki team.
It’s not just that Christophe Pourcel rides a motorcycle with a smooth riding style, but that’s actually his personality as well. Pourcel is calm and seems to be almost impossible to fluster, just like his riding style. If he falls on the first lap of a race, or in the first turn, he calmly gets up and gets going, seemingly knowing that he will be fine. All he has to do is put in the work over the next 15 laps, and everything will be okay.

There seems to be no “panic” in Christophe Pourcel.

Even last year during the Nationals, when his bike broke in the first moto at Southwick, costing him the points lead, in moto two he was almost nonchalant, which coincidentally is a word with French origins. It’s as if he said to himself “c’est la vie” and accepted the cards he was dealt.

The 2010 Lites East Championship was defined by this calm in front of the storm of Justin Barcia, Austin Stroupe, Brett Metcalfe, Ryan Sipes and the rest.

And speaking of Sipes, he seemed destined in Houston to finally put himself atop the podium. In practice, he was nipping at Pourcel’s heels to be the fastest rider heading into the night program, but again in the main event he was bitten with bad luck, as he was battling through the front portion of the field and went down.

Sipes has one more chance to prove himself, though, this weekend in St. Louis. As for Pourcel, the only question that remains is, can he again top the Best of the West in Las Vegas?