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April 2, 2010 9:27am

2010 SX injury update

Max Anstie – Hip

Comment: Fractured hip at Anaheim 3. No word on when he’ll return.

Daniel Blair - Knee

Comment: Out with two torn ACLs. Will not return for supercross in 2010. In the meantime, Blair will work alongside Todd Ballard at NXTagency to further enhance and build the rider management/ representation component of the NXTagency business.

Bobby Bonds: Collarbone

Comment: Should be back on the bike in a few weeks.

Tyler Bowers – Femur
Comment: Out indefinitely after breaking his femur practicing in Alabama last week.

Josh Clark - Back

Comment: He will be 100 percent when the nationals start and plans to ride 450s.

Christian Craig – Broken Back

Comment: Currently has rods in his back and won’t be back on a bike for well over a year.

Lucas Crespi – Bruised lungs

Comment: From team manager Forrest Butler: “Both of his lungs were bleeding internally on the track right after the crash. He was diagnosed at the hospital with Grade 3 contusions to both his lungs and was in the ICU from Saturday night until Monday evening. He was transferred to a regular room Monday afternoon and was released Tuesday around 12:00 p.m. He is doing good, just coughing up lots of dry blood and is pretty sore. Other than that he is good to go. Expected time out is six to eight weeks.” 

Spencer Dally - Collarbone
Comment: Spencer broke his collarbone in the first heat at Atlanta. He's back in Minnesota where he had it surgically repaired with a plate and eight screws. He will be out for the rest of the Supercross season and plans to be back to 100 percent for Hangtown and the rest of the outdoor nationals.

Darryn Durham – Shoulder

Comment: “I separated my shoulder, but I’m going to try and be back for Houston.” Michigan’s Kelly Smith will be his substitute in Jacksonville this weekend in the Lites class aboard the #107 Honda of Troy CRF250R.

Ben Evans – Shoulder

Comment: The BTOSports.com/BBMX/Palmetto Suzuki rider is out till Seattle.

Ronnie Goodwin - Ankle

Comment: Broken Talus, but hopes to return at Houston.

Josh Grant – Shoulder

Comment: From JGRMX’s David Evans: “So far things are going as expected with Josh. It will still be a few weeks before he is cleared to ride, and then a little while before he is ready to race again. We want Josh returning fully healed and ready, rather than rushing back and jeopardizing his chances for an AMA Motocross title.”

Matt Goerke – Broken Right Leg

Comment: Goerke will start light riding in four weeks. The team will then determine a week or so after that when his estimated return to racing will be.


Kevin Johnson – Fractured neck, ribs, collapsed lung, and lacerated kidney

Comment: Told us he’s just sore. “My neck doesn't even hurt much at all, just my broken ribs,” he added. “My insides are feeling better too.  To be honest I am pretty dang thankful that I feel the way I do….”

Grant Langston – Body

Comment: Banged up but anticipates making a full and speedy recovery. No word on when he’ll return.

Teddy Maier - Leg

Comment: Teddy broke his tib/fib while training at MTF. It actually bent the rod in his leg from a injury last year. He’s working hard to get healed up and is planning on being ready for east coast supercross.

Jake Marsack - Neck 
Comment: Jake Marsack out with a broken neck - C2 and C7. Under the current care of Steve Navarro.

Alex Martin - Arm
Comment: Broke his arm in practice at Toronto and will be out four to six weeks. "I might be back for St. Louis, but most likely Hangtown," Alex told us.

Matt Moss – Wrist
Comment: Matt Moss's broken back is healed, but he also had his wrist checked out while he was out with back problems, and it turns out he had a broken navicular. The injury is healing, but Matt is still in a cast and likely won't be back until the outdoor tour.

Tyla Rattray – Shoulder blade

Comment: Released by his doctor and started riding this week, but there’s still no set date for his return.

Dan Reardon - Head
Comment:  Dan will be out this weekend. From his team manager: "He's still feeling the effects of his brutal A1 crash and we're giving him some time to build some mental and physical strength, we look forward to his return to racing."

Chad Reed – Hand
Comment: Reed headed to California this week to test with the Kawasaki team and see if his thumb can hold up for 20 laps on the hard pack. Reed says he will use the off-weekend before Houston to get ready and plans on returning to racing in Texas.

Tommy Searle – Right shoulder

Comment: Tommy will make his return after the break in the series at Seattle in April.

Andrew Short – Leg
Comment: Andrew will begin light riding this week with hopes of being back to racing in Houston.

James Stewart – Wrist

Comment: From USA Today: “Stewart, who had hoped to return two weeks ago in Toronto, won't be back this weekend in Jacksonville. He hasn't set a timetable for returning because he hasn't been able to resume riding.”


Ben Townley - Perforated Bowel

Comment: Out four to six weeks. Should be ready for Hangtown opener.


Chris Whitcraft – Back

Comment: Things are looking better every day.


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