News and Notes from Dallas

March 20, 2010 3:40pm | by:
The first set of timed practice and qualifying sessions are complete here in Arlington’s massive new Cowboys Stadium. Everyone is buzzing about the building and its massive TV screen in the center of the field. It’s enough to make you forget there’s a race going on, as it’s tempting to just watch the whole thing from the big screen like you would in your living room.

The big news this morning was Dean Wilson not making the trip back from Canada, as he was held up at the boarder along with his parents. We’ve heard different reports as to which side held him up, Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team manager Mitch Payton said he didn’t know which side really did it, while Monster Kawasaki Team Manager Mike Fisher said it was the American side keeping him out. However, Fisher said he wasn’t completely sure of all the details.

Wilson signed his contract when he turned 18 in December, but the paperwork still hadn’t gone through all the proper channels, which left him stranded. They attempted to expedite the process and get everything done on Friday, but the office closed before they got to him, and they said to try again on Monday. So Wilson is expected to get back into the U.S. on Monday once paperwork is complete, but his parents may not be as lucky.

Chad Reed is not racing tonight although he is expected to be here signing autographs for Kawasaki. He is heading to California this week to do some testing and see if he can really hold up for 20 laps. Same with Wilson’s teammate Tyla Rattray, who has been riding but doesn’t have 15-lap endurance yet in his injured shoulder. Both could be racing next week.

Davi Millsaps took a hard crash last week in Toronto and didn’t finish the main. He had jammed his back hard enough to make it tough for him to stand up, but he says he was feeling better by Tuesday. He took a week off from riding and will race this weekend.

Justin Brayton is struggling with a thumb injury, this weekend he has a cutout on his grip to help him hang on. Both Brayton and Millsaps looked fine in practice. Jason Lawrence is also back racing after a crash in Daytona. Andrew Short is here and will start riding on Monday. He could be back for the Houston SX in three weeks.

The track has turned out quite a bit different than the original track map posted, and the lap times are some of the shortest of the year. The track is also hard packed, as it always is here. There are a few different jumping lanes and rhythms to mix it up.

Big surprise in the Lites class as Martin Davalos led the first practice in times. In the supercross class, it was a battle the whole time as Brayton, Millsaps and Windham were all on top of the board at one point, only for Dungey to swoop in on the very last lap and take the best time overall. His championship rival Ryan Villopoto was sixth fastest, but Villopoto has not been known for lighting it up in practice.

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