Jesse Masterpool Update

March 18, 2010 6:28pm
For those who don't know, Suzuki amateur racer Jesse Masterpool was critically injured last Saturday in Texas. We have been posting updates from his family whenever we receive them, and here's the latest word on Jesse's condition:

We reviewed test results with the neurologist and trauma surgeon. After analyzing the results Jesse is in critical condition. This will be his greatest challenge.

Jesse always enjoyed a challenge. He always had fierce competitors. We know with all of your endless faith he will get through this. All of you have made Jesse feel like he did when he was racing, that it’s not an individual sport, it is a team effort. He never felt like he won a race on his own and was always truly thankful for all the people who helped him achieve the results he earned.

We are all in this together, and I know Jesse feels we are all one family. You’re his family now and we cannot thank you enough for your faith, prayers, thoughts, and love.

Here at the hospital we have met the wonderful family of Austen Biggers who is also in critical condition. We truly appreciate if you could add Austen into our family with faith and your prayers.

God Bless


Jerry, Tara, Jesse, Jake and Ty