Track Walk: Dallas Supercross

March 16, 2010 11:59am
This week, FMF KTM rider Tommy Searle takes you on a lap of the Dallas track for this week’s Smith Optics Track Walk.

This looks like a basic start into a tight left. If you’re on the outside, you’re probably going to have to hit the brakes or the throttle pretty hard if you want to try go around the outside of everyone, as I'm sure someone will be pushed off the track on a start like this!


Click image to download wallpaper


1. This section looks like a triple, table over the single, then triple-double, but it doesn’t always work out how it looks. If the first two singles are a little smaller than the rest, it will change everything up. Regardless, this looks like it’ll be a fun section to watch.

2. Out of this left, it looks like a dragonback, a mellow one, then I think they’ll land on the single right after.

3. Another 90-degree left turn with a rhythm section. I think it will be 3-3-2, but maybe the first jump will be a little smaller, which will force riders to double, or maybe use the face of the second jump to get over the third. I'm sure there will be a few different ways of going through this section as the night goes on.
4. Riders then come out of a 180-degree turn into some whoops with a double right after. They will be in a high gear through the whoops, so they will have to downshift quickly to hit the double unless you’re carrying a lot of speed—then I'm sure they will soak the double up pretty good before the 180-degree right.

5. This looks like this will be a triple out of the corner into the big triple, or maybe a double-single from the inside; it all depends on how big they make the third single. For a 250, it might be hard to go all the way over.

6. Here the riders will come out of a 90-degree right-hand turn into another big triple.

7. A right-hander into another rhythm section. This one looks like it could get tricky. I guess the main line will be onto the table, off to the next table, then off to the next. You’ll then single off and double out, but on the last double, the face looks really steep, so it should slow you up a lot. Instead, they might go over the first table, then jump the next table completely over the third table, then triple out—it will depend on how the track is built. I'm sure there will be some guys doing something big in there.

8. This section looks like fun: a triple into the finish-line jump and then a slight left. It will be a fast section across the start into the sand.

9. As we saw last weekend in Toronto, the sand is always a fun section to watch. Here we have a sandy sweeping turn. Normally, it would be pretty basic, but with the suspension being hard for the rest of the track, this can sometimes make it hard work through here.

Overall, this track looks fun, but it always turns out a little differently than how it looks on paper. I’ve never been to this new stadium, so I don’t really know how it will be, but there are a lot of rhythm sections and the track looks very technical—doing it all for fifteen or twenty laps will be tough.