News and Notes from the Pits

March 13, 2010 2:55pm | by:
Some news and notes from the Rogers Centre in Toronto:

37 riders were signed up to race the Supercross Class here, but injuries have knocked many out--no Grant Langston, Chad Reed, Jason Lawrence, James Stewart etc. Only 23 riders are here, which really makes an LCQ u little light. So the AMA/FIM/CMA folks will not run one, and all 23 riders will automatically transfer to the main. And, get this, there are only 22 gates, which means one rider and one rider only will start on the back row. As far as anyone can remember, that's a first. Who will be the one and only back row rider eve ? We'll find out tonight.

Due to the lack of the LCQ, several riders are already placing bets based on "If I make the main event, I get __" It's a guarantee!

The Toronto track is usually soft and rutted, but that's not the case at all this year. The dirt was stored in a spot where it would not get wet, so it's dry, it's not frozen, and it looks good. Still a decent amount of rocks mixed in, and a few riders are running hand guards.

Ivan Tedesco is racing despite a hand injury from last week--he even rode and tested during the week and said it won't be a problem. Sharp readers may recall IT broke his hand at this place in December of 2005 after a run-in with James Stewart. Despite that, Ivan says he actually likes the place and is pumped on racing here.

Chad Reed, as reported earlier, is out with a thumb injury. His injured hand is good, though!

Josh Hill is still struggling with "a bunch of injuries in my stomach and chest." This week he took time off from riding for therapy and to try to heal up, he hopes to do better than his 9-6-9 finishes the last three weeks.

Justin Barcia admitted he was taken by surprise by last week's Daytona track, which he expected to be like an outdoor race but instead ended up being pretty tight. He's healthy and ready to go here.

Kyle Cunningham is making his debut on the Valli Motorsports Yamaha in the Lites class, and looks pretty comfortable already.

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